Who was Saint Valentine?


         - Click here to read some interesting information about Saint Valentine's history.

          -Then do this multiple choice exercise about the information you have read.

          - Later, answer the questions below about St Valentine's history in your notebook and compare them

             with  your  partners.   I hope you will have fun and learn a lot!!!

1- How many Saints named Valentine does the Catholic Church recognize?

2- According to one of the legends who was St Valentine?

3- Why didn't Emperor Claudius II want soldiers to get  married?

4- How did Valentine defy Emperor Claudius's order? 

5- What happened when Valentine was discovered? 

6- According to the legend, who sent the first "Valentine"?

                                                7- Why is Valentine's day celebrated in the middle of February?

                                                8- What was Lupercalia ?

                                                9- When did Valentine's Day begin to be popularly celebrated in Great Britain?

                                                10- How many Valentine's cards are sent every year according to the Greeting Card


    Finally, watch this video where some of the aspects you have learned on this page are shown: