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TermMeaningSourceThe Funny Side
TermMeaningSourceThe Funny Side
10P / ten pee/ n. Bitsian with the perfect CGPA  Also a form of cursing 
Acads Academics English Stuff that goes on in those insti buildings  
ACB Academic Counselling Board. What you have to face when you fuck up real bad in acads Acronym ACB stories are the best ones.. 
Akshay Akshay SuperMarket  Place to buy books not available at Nootan or via book pop/mom. Also to buy bucket and hangars at start of sem.. 
ANC /an-kk/ n. All Night Canteen, a Night canteen that operates from about 7pm to 2-4 in the morning Acronym "Machchi, ANC?" 
APOGEE /a-po-jee/ Bitsian Tech Fest.  Either an acronym, or a backronym is A Professions Oriented Gathering over Educational Experience Also the time to go for group trips to the hills.. 
Arbits Rockers at BITS.   
Assocs Regional Associations. Also discipline assocs. Conduct terrible cultural nights and fantastic grubs!   
Audi BITS Auditorium English "Which movie is on at Audi da?" 
Audi Ragging Student Union Presidential Elections Debate  English "Our guy was royally raped in Audi ragging!" 
Av Average. Used exclusively for the average marks obtained by students of a course. English T1: "Abbe Av 80 hai!" T2: <faints> 
Baad Mein Mode of Payment at Redis and occasionally at Sky. (See Redi)  The 'baad mein' backlog needs to be reimbursed, preferably before you pass out. 
Babe See 'Outsti' English  
Backie the person who shares the back-wall with your room English T1(to backie): "Volume kam kar de yaar" 
Back Sky The backside area of Sky Lawns, daytime make-out place. English "Auditions will be held in back sky" 
Baski Basketball. The mainstay of BOSM crowd focus. Specially the women's matches.   
Bhawan Hostel   
Blue Moon Coffee and Ice-cream Shop at Cnot. Chimpu ji's adda. Best place to start (and end) a Cnot evening.   
BOGS Bathrooms of Graduating Students Acronym  
Bong Bengali English  
Book Pop/Mom The senior who gives his/her books to you for a bargained price. Notes can come as a bonus. English  
BOSM Bits Open Sports Meet Acronym  
Bumps Special treatment given to the behind of a birthday boy (very rarely gal ;))  often used as a stress-test for one's footwear! 
Bus Getting ACB (See ACB) and having to repeat semesters, is called catching the 'Bus' English  
Calci Calculator  The Murphy Law of Calcis states that your Calci will work wonderfully for three years, only to fail you during the Numal Compre. (See Numal) 
CB Closed Book Test (see OB) Acronym Murphy's law of CB's states that you will mistake a CB for an OB when your grade depends on it. 
CDC Compulsory Disciplinary Courses. Acronym for the core courses.  
Centli Now defunct, Central Library in FD3   
Chom Chapati Oriented Men/Monkeys/Mofos. North Indians. Bongs and Marathis not included. Acronym  
Chowki Ji Campus Guards  T1(during baski match): "Chowki ji ki Jai!!" 
Chult Chom + Gult (a North Indian type person from Andhra Land)   Interesting folks as a rule. Mainly found in Dopy 
Cnot Market infront of ShivG. Evening hangout place, with several open air restaurants   
Compre Comprehensive Exams. End Sems. English  
Compsci both Computer Science (the discipline, A7) and the Computer Scientist ;) (A7ite)    
CoStAA Committee of Students for Academic Activities (Prez, Gen Sec and heads of major departments)   
CT Course Topper   
Da Bitsian semi-colon. (See Machcha for Bitsian full stop. Also see Ra) Tamil  
Daysci Day Scholar. (Also see Loki)   
DC Disciplinary Committee (or, Declared Champion). (See NC) Acronym. What you get for copying and getting caught, or for ragging and getting caught. Getting caught is the key.  
DD Dirty Dancing  the name speaks for itself! 
Dekho Re Dekho Score ko dekho! Chant when we win in Baski matches. which is rare!   
Diro Director (of a play, or of BITS itself!)   
DOSA Department of Spectators and Audience.   Blokes who form the cheering squad of OASIS events! 
Dosh Money  What you never had :) 
Dubbs Taking doubles on bicycles.  Oh so romantic when the gal is dragging the guy (read lazy bum) along dubbs! 
Dutch Treat A treat where everyone pays.  Group dinner where you bring atleast 60% girls, and then pay Rs 50 after eating 12 chapatis (since the damsels eat so less!!) 
DW Dance Workshop  For the BITSians with two left feet. (No really!) 
EC Evening Canteen, in the Mess   
EDD EDD Notes (Engineering Division??? TODO: fix this)   
Eg-chi-moini Egg Cheese Mayonnaise Sandwich served at Sky Lab   
FD Faculty Division. There are FD 1,2,3   
FRG F***ing Rich Gults (See Gult) - Rich junta from Andhra Land. Read fancy clothing and fancier sunglasses As old as the sky is blue Maybe there should be a term called FRC (F*g Rich Chults) 
Fried Maggi Bosssss Call to collect one's Fried Maggie at Anc. Spoon not included.   
F*uck Common observation response. Varients include fuckkk, faaaaakkk, faayyk.. English  
Fundoo intelligent bloke. Makes an A without breaking sweat. (See Phodu)   
Gajja Too much. Used in conjunction with Bujja   
Gate Call Calling a guy from a guy's hostel or vice versa. The charm has gone down in the cell phone era.   
GD Golden Dragon restaurant in Cnot. Famous for NV   
Gen Generally. Answer to most questions (See Guss for answer to everything else) English  
Gensec General Secretary of Student Union   
Ghati Marathis. Very sensitive term; you can get beaten up for using it. Marathi  
Ghoda Movable Tall Stand used to repair street and audi lights.   
Ghot Study (a backronym is Gaining Heat Over Table)   
Ghotu Someone who Ghots and lives up to the meaning of 'burning mid-night oil'   
God Master of his/her domain! (arguably every other Bitsian) English  
Grub Parties in VK/RP mess conducted by regional assocs or discipline assocs(during farewells)   
Gsu Prof G Sundar   
Guess My State Usually a senior's first words to an already scared fresher.   
Gult Andhraiite Bitsian. A play on the term 'Telugu'  
Guss Leave it/Let it be/chuck it (Give up something stupid, appears to be a backronym).  UNKNOWN!! Arguably the most powerful term of the Bitsian lingo. Gives you license to procrastinate. 
GymG Gym Grounds.   The gym however, had been moved out of GymG long back. 
Hajjar > 1   
Healthy Interaction What a fresher is expected to answer if a Warden asks what he was doing in senior's room.   
H-Rep Hostel Representative   
H-Wing Double occupancy wings for First yrites.  guess guys sharing the same room led to the Obb 'H' terminology  
IC Instructor In-charge of a course.   
IC Institute Cafeteria / Institute Canteen   
ID Cousin Bloke with ID last two same as yours.   
ID Pop/Mom Guy/gal in immediately senior batch with same ID (last three) as you   
ID Sidey Bloke in your batch with your ID+/-1   
Illad Also Illed. Tamil Bitsian. Tamil  
Inaug Inauguration. Usually OASIS or APOGEE or BOSM's.   
Inbloom Inter-bhawan competition   
Intro Introduction to be given by fresher during interaction with senior.   
IPC Information Processing Centre   
Jak Bitsian from Jammu and Kashmir. Acronym  
Jhankaar Similar function to HAS   
JPM Prof. J.P. Mishra   
Ju Junior   
Junta The set of all Bitsians past and present.   
Kanyakumari Space under the table/bed in a hostel room. The fresher in Shimla (see Shimla) has to converse with the fresher in Kanyakumari.   
Kapoors Now Kamals. Pappu ji's restaurant. Good for NV dinners.   
Kela-Rabdi One of the delicacies found at Redis. Banana pieces mixed with Rabdi.   
Lachchha Endless Bitsian discussions Possibly acronym for 'Laughing and Chatting'  
Lawns (M/D/S/C) Lawns infront of the insti. M(Mechanical Block, now FD2). S(Science Block, now FD3). D(D shaped I guess, infront of Audi). C (Big central lawns)   
Lib New Library (Well; Library to those who didnt see the old one)   
Lite Gult version of Guss. Used in partnership with Ra (Lite Ra!!!)   
Loki Local Pilani resident/student   
LTC Lecture Theatre Complex   
Machcha(n) Bitsian fullstop. (See Da and Ra) Tamil  
Make-make-up Make up test conducted for those who were 'ill' for the make-up. (See Make-up)   
Make up A followup test conducted for each test, for folks who were ill during the main test. Commonly misused by students to rearrange their test schedule.   
Mars Attack Pilani's Infamous dust storms. Notable ones in 2004 and 2008.   
Max Maximum (refers to getting the maximum possible marks in a test/compre), is followed by unceremonious utterances of "it was easy" by the Ghotus. (See also Zuk)    
MB Meera Bhawan, girls' abode.   
MBans Prof Meera Bannerjee (RIP)   
MedC Medical Centre. Place to go for Make-up certs   
Mega Lite Lite on Dope   
Mid-sem Term to denote the middle of the semester. Mid-sem course grades are usually given out by Profs.   
MnB Midnight Beauty, a Milkshake drink served at Blue Moon, in several flavours.   
NC Course Not Cleared. (or Next to Champion. See DC) Acronym  
Night-out Staying up all night, occasionally for a test.  Murphy's law of nightouts states that a Night-out done for movies always ends with Chai at the Bus Stop, and a night-out done for a test, ends in sleeping 2 hours before the test. 
Nutan A market in Pilani. Beauty parlor, old books centre.. et al   
NVM Prof NV Muralidhar Rao   
OASIS 96/120 hrs of Bitsian madness in October!! (The Annual Cultural Festival)   
OB Open Book Test  Acronym Occasionally Open anything challenges. Specially in ES2 and Consys.. 
Obb Obvious. Something expected to be understood by everyone. English  
Oppi Gal whose room is infront of you (no oppi's in guys bhawans)   
Outsti Dilli University sub-60 IQ Kareena Kapoor look-alikes that dawn upon Pilani for 1 week in October. Also used rarely for outstation men. English  
Patel Patel Statue near Shankar/Gandhi Bhawans   
Phodu What a fundoo guy/gal is at dealing with courses Hindi  
PPW Pati Patni aur Woh. Ice-cream and chocolate Sauce served at Blue Moon. A long story :)  
Prez President of Student Union. English  
PR No. Priority Number (something which decides when you need to wake up on the course-registration day)   
Psenti bitsian girlfriend/boyfriend. Valid only if you can make it till the psenti-sem together.   
Psenti-sem Last semester on campus   
QT Quadrangular Open Area in Hostels/FDs Acronym for Quadrangular Theatre  
Ra Bitsian semi-colon of the Andhra Variety. (See Da, Machcha) Telugu  
RAF Recreational Activity Forum. Movie show sponsors.   
Rape What a Rod test does to you.   
Rayban Prof Rahul Banerjee   
Redi Restaurants on Wheels! Where you can eat endlessly on credit.   
Refli Now defunct, Reference Library in FD2.    
Rod Tough situation, commonly a test component. Imagine where a hot rod can go :) English  
Royal Rape What consys does to you. (See Rape, Consys)   
S9 Printer room in FD3. S stood for Science Block before 1998.   
Sac Very easy, usually a test. Not to be confused with SAC(building).  possibly a backronym is 'Sit Aside Cool' Variants include 'Sac Life', 'Sac out' 
SAC(building) Students Activity Centre. Post 2005 substitute for SUB.   
Sam-chaat Samosa Chaat. Redi special.   
SarV Birla SarVajanik Hospital. Where you go to die.   
Second Semite Folks who join BITS in the second semester.  Usually 10Ps 
Sex-baamb Anything non-ordinary English  
Shimla The upper slab in a hostel room, where a fresher usually has to sit. (Also see Kanyakumari)   
ShivG Shiv Ganga area behind the temple. Night time make-out (and more) place.   
Sidey Guy/gal whose room is next to you   
Sidey Bumps Cermonial bumps given to birthday boy's sideys   
Sky Museum Lawns. Afternoon nap destination.    
SkyLab Sky Lab snacks bar at Sky Lawns. Pappu ji's adda.   
Stubs Movie stubs. 7.50 rupees only!   
StUCCA Student Union Council for Cultural Activities (Core group responsible for OASIS activities) possibly a backronym  
StUCCAn Member of StUCCA Body   
Stud Similar to God. Can apply to acads or other skills.   
SUB Student Union Block. Now deserted, once the hub of Oasis preparations.   
SupT Surprise Test   
Sura Prof Suresh Ramaswamy   
SWD Student Welfare Division  Where you went to get slapped by you know who. 
Tadi (Thadi) Oversmart guy/gal (usually a first yrite showing attitude. Sometimes a TDC)   
TDC Typical Delhi Ch*tiya. Usually an outsti. Hindi  
TSBS Prof. T.S.B. Sudarshan   
TT Test Topper   
Tute Tutorial session/test   
T-Wing hostel wings connecting the H wing to the Front wing   
Vela See Vetti   
Vetti Bloke with no work. Usually a psenti semite. Tamil  
Vfast Visiting Faculty and Students Hostel   
Zuc Zero. Usually a score in a test/compre. Everyone has one of these in Consys or ES2 (also see Max)   
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