produce ltd.

Lacombe, Alberta


Pik-N-Pak Produce Ltd. was established in 1987. There were 3 members originally (Lincoln Greenhouses, TR Greenhouses, Doef’s Greenhouses) who agreed that marketing produce together was an advantage! A small warehouse was used to package produce after it was harvested each day. As the membership grew, it was necessary to expand to a different facility. PNP moved to its current location east of Gull Lake Village on Hwy 12 in 1995.

Currently there are 2 shareholders - Gull Valley Greenhouses (gullvalley.ca) and Doef’s Greenhouses (doefsgreenhouses.com). Each grower specializes in different products and together they are proud to provide fresh local produce to numerous Central Alberta locations all year round!


Email: pik-n-pak@albertahighspeed.net

Phone: 403-748-4555

Fax: 403-738-4900

Address: 28118 Hwy 12 - 10 km west of QE2 / Hwy 12 overpass