Other Gear

Revised August 21, 2008


The only concession we make to civilization is a coffee grinder as we take whole bean coffee with us while camping. This requires the use of an DC to AC converter which powers the grinder from our trolling battery. We have two drip coffee makers and a French press to assure a quality brew while in the wilds. Over the top? Maybe, but that is what we enjoy. We sip on coffee  as we are trolling in the morning.  Mmmm, nothing better.

Walkie Talkies are needed if you have more than one boat in your party. This makes lunch and dinner planning easier. Not to mention real time fishing news and tips.

When we are so remote that an accident or incident could be life threatening, we rent an EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons) for the week. This will give you a way to signal your distress no matter how remote you are. It also assures the spouses of heart patients that help can arrive in time to help.

A pee jar is essential if you are over 30 and do not wish to face the insects in the middle of the night and have them follow you back into the tent/cabin. Find one with a tight lid, watertight naturally.

Sunscreen and a deet based insect repellent are necessary. We know that there is a well known manufacturer who has combined both in one product. But the truth of the matter is, when the sun is out the mosquitoes are not, and when the mosquitoes are out you won't need sunscreen. It silly to pay more for an unneeded product.

A wide brimmed hat will protect you from the sun. Baseball hats are OK but offer no protection to the back of your neck so apply sunscreen liberally if you chose to wear one.

A good camp saw and knife comes in handy.

Hand cream is another thing to pack. Your hands get chaffed in cold water, wind, and sun.

A first aid kit and a first aid guide is a must.

A liquid bandage product should be in your tackle box. It is waterproof and protects small wounds.

An electronic insect zapper will foil the little vampires that invade your tent or cabin. They are shaped like a tennis racket with batteries in the handle. Press a key and swat.

A fly swatter can be used in a boat to keep deer flies from drilling for blood on those hot windless days, low tech but efficient.

A signal mirror can attract a bush pilot or rescue helicopter in the unlikely event that you need help. We do not wish to be alarmists. Just be prepared for the worst case scenario. Chances are, it won't happen.