Food Tips

Food Tips

We pack frozen steak, chicken, and hamburger in mealsize portions (10 oz. per person) in dry ice for the trip. A quarter block of dry ice will keep the meat frozen solid for two days in a 36 quart cooler. Put the dry ice on top of the food and cover with newspaper. Seal the cooler with duct tape.

Upon arriving at dock add ice. The meat will last for days. Be careful not to leave frozen meat out to thaw in the open lest curious creatures steal your supper.

Steak, fried potatoes, and three bean salad makes a hearty first meal and a good way to start a week of fishing. Figure on 10 oz. of steak, 2 potatoes, and 8 oz. of three bean salad for each person.

<-----Chef Michael in the Kitchen

Grilled chicken, a rice or noodle dish, an canned corn make another hearty meal. basting the chicken with Italian salad dressing adds a delicious flavor as does hickory BBQ sauce.

We cook our meat over a wood fire for extra flavor. Use only dried wood found on the ground. Build your fire pit away from trees and brush. never leave a fire unattended. Extinguish the fire with water, wait 5 minutes, stir the ashes and apply water again.

Hamburger, canned corn, Cajun seasoning, and rice make a fine skillet meal. Boil the rice separatly before folding into the skillet with the other ingredients. Stir just long enough to mix thoroughly and serve.

Instant rice is easy to cook, uses little fuel, needs no refrigeration, and can be served with a variety of dishes. A 24 oz. can of Chunky Soup over rice is a quick nourishing meal for two. Use 1/2 cup of uncooked rice per person.

Klotz Lake Sandwich
2 slices of bread buttered on one side
Refried beans
Canned Corn
Shredded Cheddar Cheese Layer the ingredients on the unbuttered side of one slice of bread, cover with the other slice (butter side up) Then grill in skillet as if a grilled cheese sandwich. Awesome

Once the fresh meat runs out its time to rely on canned, dried foods, or other non perishable foods. One box of macaroni and cheese feeds two. Canned hash,tuna, and chili tastes mighty good at weeks end. Canned chicken heated in a skillet with spices, chopped red pepper, and grated chedar cheese, served on a torilla shell, with a side of refried beans is hearty and satisfying.

A box of pancake mix and a bottle of syrup makes three meals for two people. Look for wild blueberries to add to the batter. For a special treat, fold in a can of peaches with syrup to the pancake flower and add water to get the right consistency batter.

We have taken to eating our big meal at noon as we fish well past dusk. This way there is plenty of time and energy for cooking and cleaning up. Also, the insects are less bothersome at midday than they are in the evening. There is time to bathe and nap before heading out on the water.


Type in "fishing" or whatever in YouTube. Press "Enter" and then click on the picture and watch the fun.