Camping Tips

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 Henry David Thoreau

Modified 2/12/08

Camping Tips

Tent camping is a lot of fun. Be careful of the spot you pick as a campsite. Look for high ground with a minimal of low growing vegetation. Ideally the location would be an island high off the water with pine trees with few shrubs that provide shelter to mosquitoes. An island high off the water catches all the breezes that discourage the little critters from flying.

We use a domed screen house as a cook and dining tent. This addition to our camping gear has made a huge difference in our comfort in the evening.

Did learn something recently regarding zippers. They do wear especially when exposed to dirt and dust. Our screen house zippers started failing leaving gaps in the doors. It was dreadful fighting mosquitoes in what should have been a safezone. I was about to trash the screen house and buy a new one and was on line looking a bargain. I googled zipper repair and low and behold, I found that all I had to do was to squeeze the zipper slide to make it tighter on the track. It worked beautifully. The zipper closes perfectly.

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Citronella candles works as good as anything to keep mosquitoes away. A good net on your hat is necessary. Repellent with DEET works best. While I do own stock in a major cosmetic company, I can not recommend its product, S__n So S__t. It simply does not work for long despite the popular rumors. The product works well for what it was designed to do, however.

Tarps stretched out and tied to trees with strong cord or rope give shelter from the sun and the rain. We often use bungee cords as shock absorbers in case of high wind.

We use a propane stove and take 4 cylinders of propane that last us a week. We recently purchased a 6 pound refillable propane tank which more than covers our cooking needs and saves money our the disposable tanks.

Meats are cooked over a wood fire using a hinged grill that holds the meat between its two halves. Remember to pack your camp saw. Use only fallen and dry timber. Build your fire in a fire pit away from trees. Douse the fire with water, stir the coals, and douse again when done. Do not use wood that sparks. Always check with the local authorities regarding the advisability of and permits for camp fires.

Face your tent with the door to the East as weather fronts normally come from the West. Try to position a tarp in the trees to shade the tent from the Southern exposure. We use only dome tents with bathtub floors as cabin tents will not hold up to a high wind. Nothing is worse than having your tent collapse in a driving rain storm. Be aware of how the rain will travel around your tent and dig a trench for drainage. Do not store food in the tent. Pike country is often bear country.

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Of primary importance is for each member of the camping party to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water. Aim for a minimum of 64 ounces, one half gallon, each person daily. Keep track of you consumption. Drink up to 128 ounces or more if you loose a lot of fluids due to the heat.

A cabin, no matter how primitive, as long has it has a sound roof and the ability to keep insects off you, beats a tent hands down. Whether in a tent or a cabin we always bring an electronic insect zapper. It looks like a tennis racket but will evaporate mosquitoes, kill flies, and stun wasps. A must have to clear the cabin or tent.

When leaving a campsite, leave it better than you found it. Pick up all trash, regardless who left it there.