What is Pika Perspectives?

Pika Perspectives is a team of student consultants whose goal is to offer a set of criteria of best design practices for climate change websites. These criteria can be used by small climate change organizations who are committed to improving their websites and who do not have access to professional website designers.
We understand that climate change is a critically important issue that affects all of society and we seek to assist organizations that are dedicated to informing individuals about this critical issue and providing solutions to the problem. 
Why Establish a List of Criteria for Best Website Practices?
In his book, Persuasive Technology, B.J. Fogg discusses interactive computing systems and their design. As persuasive technologies, these computing systems are often designed to change people's attitudes or behaviors. There is no doubt that the emergence of the Internet, as a popular computing system, has led to the increase of websites designed to persuade and motivate individuals to change their attitudes and behaviors.
Many organizations devoted to climate change issues have benefited from the Internet "boom" and have designed websites to persuade users to act or think a certain way about climate change. Unfortunately, due to poor website development, some climate change websites have not been able to successfully relay their message.
Since website development impacts a website's credibility, usability, and the ability to persuade a particular audience, it is important to establish certain criteria that all effective and persuasive websites should have.
To learn more about our criteria for best website practices, see our criteria page. We also provide examples of good website design and a short animated video of how to improve an existing site.