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  • Moral awareness project due

Moral Awareness Project Description

For this exercise I would like you to write your response to these questions in a word document that you will save with the title, [your name] moral mind project:

  • Think of three difficult decisions you made that you would change if you had to make it again - A moral failure where some part of you (if even a small part) knew the right path but you made another choice. For each of the moral failures you identified respond to the following:

  • How did you eventually resolve the dilemma?

  • What were the pressures and considerations that influenced your choice (e.g., social, cultural, cognitive).

  • Do you think you are susceptible to a similar failure now? Why or why not?

  • What strategies can you employ to be more aware of your barriers and effectively overcome them in the future?

You will do the above three times for three distinct moral failures.

You will then write an analysis of your own social, cultural and cognitive barriers to processing moral dilemmas effectively. Students may want to consider the components of moral decision making and schema models as a frame for discussing this section.

You should email this document as an attachment directly to me at no later than 5pm on December 9th.

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