Effective Leadership
taught by John Pijanowski in Summer 2008

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Chalk and Wire 

Major Assignments (due)
 Action Plan (7/3)


Resources for Week 5

June 30   Attracting and retaining effective teams

July 1 – Online     Attracting and retaining effective teams

July 2     Innovation adoption and creating our own tipping points

July 3 - Online     

  • Effective Leadership Action Plan due by email


Resources for week 4

June 23 – Online Understanding your leadership style

  • Read web article on MBTI
  • Take test and print results
  • Post your test results and contribute to the discussion board the thread titled "Understanding your leadership style"

June 24 Studies of effective leaders

June 25 – Online Closing the achievement gap

June 26 Small School Movement

June 27 – Online The research on successful school leadership

Resources for week 3

June 16 Momentum and immunities to change

June 17 – Online Thinking systemically

June 18 The ecology of change

June 19 – Online Overturning your immunities to change

June 20 - Online Bringing the focus together - Commitment Map Exercise Due

Resources for week 2

*** Reminder that class on the 12th will start in the computer lab on the 3rd floor of Peabody Hall

June 9 –OnlineDo private sector practice work in the social sector?

June 10Reframing the problem

  • Read Wagner introduction pp. 1-20
  • In class we will discuss practical applications of Good to Great and begin the work of reframing the problems we are most concerned with in our schools

June 11 –OnlineCreating a vision of success

June 12 Committing ourselves to the challenge

  • Read Wagner pp.51-60
  • Start class with Chalk and wire training in Peabody Hall computer lab
  • We will also set up the defining rigor exercise by discussing the video assigned on June 11th.

June 13 –OnlineDefining Rigor Exercise (due June 16

June 3rd Video

Resources for week 1

In addition to the readings outlined in the course syllabus the materials below (which are also referenced in the syllabus) are required for the first week of class. Before you post on the discussion board you may find it helpful to read my guidelines for a good discussion - you will need to be logged into the discussion board site to read it.

Introduction PowerPoint - This is a big file with embedded audio so it may take a couple minutes to load. If you have a slow connection at home I encourage you to save it from a computer with a faster connection and watch it at your leisure. If you would rather watch a video presentation of this powerpoint (an option to consider if you have trouble loading the file) you can find it here but the hotlinks on the slides won't work.

My brief video intro of the first week of class:

I've created a screencast of how to search for articles in the University Library online ERIC database. If you don't have much experience with the library database system you may find this to be a helpful introduction.

Profiles in Leadership - Not as big as the file above but it may take a full minute to load so please be patient. Remember to read the syllabus for the assignment connected to this presentation.

Interview with Jim Collins here or below: