Pillai Institute of Information Technology
Database Management System (DBMS)

This site is for the Subject "Database Management System (DBMS)" of Semester III Information Technology and Semester IV Computer Engineering of Mumbai University. The Syllabus, Notes, Question Set etc. you can find it in download section.

All the notes are shared on Google Drive. To view or download note and papers log in to your gmail account and click here. After opening this link click on the Open in Drive in the right top corner.

For this course you will need following software:
  1. PostgreSQL (Download): Its an open source Object-Relational DBMS (ORDBMS). Download the latest version for your system (Linux/Windows/Mac). For installation on wondows read.
  2. Dia (Download): a software tool to draw ER Diagrams.
  3. SWI Prolog (Download): To learn functional dependency concepts.
  4. Freemind (Download): software to open mind map (.mm) files. Even you can use FreeMind Viwer App for Android devices.