Mel's router plugin version 0.041

For the Netgear DG834N V1 (1.02.15 firmware), Sky DG834GT and Sky DSL-2640S (Sky_2.04 firmware).
Add SNR/noise margin and error stats graphing  features to the above routers' user interfaces. No need to leave a PC switched on to collect data. Also adds throughput graphing to the Sky dg834gt model. Runs in ram on the standard firmware: no flashing the router. The program can be removed simply by rebooting the router.

The JAVA  based installer program also includes the option to enable telnet, tweak the noise margins and of course to extract the PPPoA password details from the supported Sky routers. You can download the latest version of Java here:- 
Click the launch button and select open with Java Webstart. You will receive a warning that the application's digital signature could not be verified as I've used a self signed certificate.

     Unfortunately due to recent changes to Google sites, I've had to revert to using a local server to install the password extraction and router add on software:- if you are running windows firewall you'll need to configure it to allow inbound access  to port 8888 on your PC. For other firewall software it may be sufficient to configure your local network as trusted.     

To Install my router plugin, launch the java app, and click on its "Upload DgStats" button. After installing on Netgears you'll find some extra options in the standard router User Interface, and on the Dlink it installs a second user interface on port 8888 ( ) by default. To start logging error rates, margin and throughput, click on the "SNR & Error Logs" button, then click the "log" button. It currently records the noise margins and error counts over 1 minute intervals and average throughput (in Kilobytes per second)  over 5 minute intervals.

Please note this is very much a work in progress, some features may currently be broken on some, or on all supported routers.

Your use of this app, and the information it provides, is entirely at your own risk! It is provided as is, with no warranty of any kind. 

The throughput  totals should not be relied on for checking that you haven't exceeded your ISP's usage limits.  

If you use this app to obtain your authentication details from a Sky router, please be aware that using a router, other than the one provided to you by Sky is technically in breach of Sky's Terms and Conditions. Sky do not provide support configuring or using non-sky routers, so please retain your sky router as you may need it if you ever have a connection issue.

Known Issues:

Currently, if you enter an incorrect router admin password, you'll receive a redirected too many times error instead of an invalid password error.

Throughput statistics are not compatible with the Sky dsl2640s; they'll stop working at 4 Gigabytes, due to a limitation of its firmware.  Throughput monitoring for "MER" based connections is not currently implemented.  

Version history:

            Improved the layout of the scales, fixed a typo, and tidied up the display of time and value in the 
            tooltips shown when pointing at a bar in the graph. 

V 0.04    
            Fixed DGstats Upload bug on Sky dg834gt router.
            Fixed issue with Internet Explorer not rendering wide graphs (Error and SNR logs).
            Improved rendering of graphs on various browsers (still need to improve scales).
            Fixed a bug that was causing Error and SNR logging to record bad data when connection goes down. 

V 0.0.3 
           Skipped to bring C  and Java programs versions in line.
V 0.02 
            Changed jar packaging  to prevent error message from Java Webstart after Java update.
            Combined logging into a single task in router plugin.   

            Initial release

Neither this Software, nor any of its components may not be redistributed, modified, or sold.  

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