Race briefing


The following information will serve as the race briefing for all distances. Check update tab for any new info.



Thursday May 21               5am 200 mile check in

6am 200 mile start

1pm hot dogs

6pm pizza

9pm cheese quesadillas/grilled cheese and soup (Chicken Noodle and

Butternut squash, maybe tomato basil)


Friday May 22                     5am 150 mile check in

                                                6am 150 mile start

                                                9am possible pancakes and bacon for breakfast

                                                1pm hot dogs

                                                6 pm pizza

                                                9 pm cheese quesadillas/grilled cheese and soup


Saturday May 23               5am 100 mile check in

                                                6am 100 mile start

                                                9am Breakfast

                                                1pm sandwiches and hot dogs

                                                6pm pizza    

                                                9 pm cheese quesadillas and soup


Sunday May 24                  6am Cut off for 200 mile race (72 hrs)

                                                9am Breakfast

                                                2pm Cut off for 150 mile (56 hrs) and 100 mile/100K (32 hrs)

I will order one pizza per night without cheese for vegans. That's the closest I will come to vegan.


There will be of course the usual aid station food and drinks at all hours.


Available at the main aid station at the start of each loop:

Water, Gatorade, Coke, Mountain Dew, Ginger ale, coffee at times, First aid box (including Epipen), Vaseline, sunscreen, bug spray, spare batteries, PB & J, Ham and turkey sandwiches, chips, peanut butter filled pretzels, gummi bears, fig newtons, Reese’s cups, M & Ms, Snickers, cookies or muffins, bananas, Carb Boom gels, Powerbar chews, potatoes and salt, watermelon, ice, avocado, grapes, Succeed!. If you want something in particular, please supply your own.


Available at the middle aid station (about half way). This will be unmanned/self serve on Thursday and Friday:

All foods on Thursday and Friday will be pre-packaged such as Snickers, Reese’s cups, PNB crackers, small bags of chips, and cookies. There will be a First Aid box with Epipen. There are Gatorade bottles. Otherwise, water only. This aid station will be manned on the weekend and we will add a few more items, but the main real food will be at the start finish. No cups on Thursday or Friday. There will be cups on the weekend for coke, but please try to conserve.


I do not have pre-race or post race meals. Here is a list of food places at Fairwood Shopping center. Get on the main Petrovitsky drag and take a left. Drive about half a mile. On the Albertson’s side there is Ezell’s fried chicken (sinfully good), Thai Destination restaurtant, Chinese food, Little Caesars, and teriyaki. On the LA Fitness side, there is Subway sandwiches, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Taco Time, teriyaki, Round Table Pizza, Baskin Robbins, Panda Express, Vietnamese food, and Safeway (back left corner).


Please carry and deposit all trash at the aid stations!  This is not a road marathon. No trash on trails including toilet paper! I will be sweeping the course on Monday and really don't want to work that hard picking up trash after directing the race all weekend.



200 milers: You will need to  run a short out and back (1.3 mile out, 1.3 back) before starting 21 full loops.

150 milers: We will walk about 1/8 mile on the course to your start and from there you will run 16 full loops. No out and back for you.

100 milers: You will start like the 200 milers where the concrete sidewalk ends, do an out and back (3 mile out, 3 back) before starting 10 full loops.
100K: You will do out and back with 100 milers (3 miles out, 3 back) before starting 6 full loops.


The out and backs will be in the clockwise direction. When you start your first full loop, it will be in the clockwise direction (odd loops), then counterclockwise, (even loops). I will have a sign to remind you which way. You must always come back to the start/finish at the completion of each loop and the initial out and back.
Here is a link that Jonathan Symmes provided me. Thanks!
I found this nice USATF map of the trail and it gives a nice elevation profile and everything. I thought you might find it useful. http://www.usatf.org/routes/view.asp?rID=7628



Please leave the 3 parking spaces that are to the right of the park bathrooms and closest to the trailhead for the race van and parking for the race director, co-race director, and volunteer coordinators. This will allow the supplies to be near the aid station. Please have crew, friends, and family park at the Renton Christian Center across from the park. We will have use of this parking lot until 9 am Sunday. They have service at 10 am. All cars need to be moved to the Lake Youngs Trail parking lot by then if there is room or on the street. This is important! There is a handicap ramp-please do not block this. The church has been generous and I do not want to take advantage of their hospitality. On the street, please park on the far side away from the park only, not on both sides. Leave the side closer to the parking lot clear of cars because the road is narrow.



King County Parks is only allowing small tents during daylight hours on the grass behind the park bathrooms. They must be taken down at night. Please don't ask me what the reasoning behind this is. Your crew and pacers can take them down for you while you are running. If you want to put up a canopy or shelter, that is fine. Lots of runners do this and some even put walls up to have some privacy and to put a cot or sleeping bag in there.  There's lots of room, so stake out your spot. Absolutely no camping Wednesday night before the race. The church across the street is allowing tents on a grassy area at the far left end of the parking lot. It will probably fit 5-6 tents. Again, all tents have to be removed by 9 am on Sunday along with the cars. Pop up campers may be parked at the trailhead parking lot or at the church. No trailers or large RVs please. I will also have a couple cots at the main aid station at the start/finish if you need to lay down for a bit but do not have a tent.



The two park bathrooms are out of service. The septic system is not working. So, there is no running water as in past years. There hopefully will be 4 honeybuckets on the back side of the park bathrooms (I am supplying 2 and the park 2).  This year I will be putting two honeybuckets at the aid station at the halfway mark. Otherwise, use the trail and clean up after yourself. No toilet paper on the trail. That's disgusting.  Remember, the trail will be next to a road or near houses at times. Please be discreet!
The forecast keeps changing. Overall, it doesn't look too bad. Here are 3 different links for Maple Valley weather that you can check every day and keep changing your clothing and game plan:
The last one tends to be more accurate because it is the local forecast (or not).
The hottest day is supposed to be Thursday, maybe 80. I will have ice at the main aid station and will try to leave a cooler with ice at the middle aid. Friday will be around 73. Cooler on Saturday of about 64 and 50% chance of rain. Finally Sunday 70, no significant rain in forecast.

Please be aware that about half the course gets really hot because it is exposed in those areas. Less tree cover. Usually when the trail is next to a road. Would be good to have a hat/visor.

Quiet time is from 8pm to 6am. If you are running near houses at these times, please keep the noise level down. It's just common courtesy. Also, at night at the main aid station start/finish area, please keep it down as well because there will be several people trying to sleep in their cars or shelters.



Finishers will receive a buckle unique to their distance for their accomplishment. I do not have sub 24 hour buckles for the 100 mile. 
100K runners will get a finisher's medal.

Robes are back this year. Please make sure you wash them twice alone to get off all the fuzz. Or else your other clothes will have a bunch of fuzz balls on them.


Your time will be marked off for each full completed loop. We will time the out and back separate. Please make sure you show the lap timer your bib so we can record your splits. Each distance bib is color coded. Red-200 milers. Blue-150 milers. Yellow-100 milers. White-100K.



Absolutely no running on the road. The race is on the trail all around the watershed. Please stay on this for your own safety. I expect park officials will be around during this holiday weekend and if we screw up, it could jeopardize future races on this trail. You only cross pavement once where there is a break in the fence when you run across the watershed entrance, but it is not on the road. Run straight across and hook up with the trail again.
No trash on trails.
Odd loops clockwise, even loops counterclockwise.
Be nice. If I catch you being mean to your family, crew, pacer, or volunteers, I will single you out and embarrass you in front of other people. Seriously, though, this is not the Olympics. I don't care if you are going for a PR, course record, or the win, you just need to chill.
In an effort to minimize trash, please only use one cup per stop at the aid stations. If you drink all the coke in your cup, don't pick up another one or 2-3 more downing more coke. Please ask for a refill. I will have small cups and bigger cups for those who want more coke.
I reserve the right to change the rules.

Email me with any questions: