Thank you Carb Boom for providing gels at a discount for the race. Please remember to give them your business!

Thank you Jess Mullen for coordinating the volunteers and thank you volunteers for your help!

I would like to thank King County Parks for allowing me to organize this race and letting runners continue through the night.
This race is sanctioned by USA Track and Field.
The Renton Christian Center is allowing us to use their parking for most of the race weekend for overflow parking. They are also allowing us to pitch tents on their property. Please be courteous and leave it the same way you found it. All vehicles and tents need to be removed by 9am Sunday morning, as their first service begins at 10am and people will be arriving by 9am to park their vehicles. Also, there will be another event during the race weekend where the handicap ramp needs to be accessible. Please do not block the wheelchair ramp.