Why PIGS ???

Are you wondering why the club is named PIGS?  Besides being a great acronym for Pair Iowans Going Somewhere, describing our club, its also very trendy.

CATS - Chicago Area Tandem Society (Illinois)
COWS - Couples On Wheels (Wisconsin)
GOATS - Greater Ohio Area Tandem Society (Ohio)
HOOTS - Hoosiers Out On Tandems  (Indiana Tandem Club) [think Owls]
LOONS - Lovers Out On Non-Singles  (or Lena n' Ole On Non-Singles) (Minnesota)
MUTS - Michigan United Tandem Society (Michigan)

Apparently tandem clubs like animal names.  And most people in Iowa like Pork, so PIGS is fitting.

Tandem Clubs (thanks to The Tandem Link)
                                                    (image courtesy of The Tandem Link)