Some of us do not see each other except at the rally.  As such, we post pictures here so we can take a some time before the next rally and remember the faces we are likely to see again.  If you have any corrections or wish your picture removed, please email

Appel, Peggy and Bob

Armstrong, Ron and Bev

Barker, Alan and Judy

Beattie, Ray and Sherri

Beavers, Dwight and Pat

Boyer, Stan and Rozalyn

Burns, Bill and Bonnie

Bush, Dennis and Deb

Campbell, Bob & Cindy

Chase, Barb and Dave

Christ, David and Ruth

Coughlin, Patrick and Gabrielle

Crawford, Greg and Sue

Ellyson, Greg & Kat

Ericsson, Robert and Faith

Fisher, Pat and Ernie

Graf, Tom & Sue

Hammer, David and Cindy

Harrington, Bill and Sharon

Harvey, Randy and Patti

Hecox, Mark and Jill (2014)

Hicks, Doug and Denise

Jeffers, Tom and Pam (2014)

Jensen, Dale & Carol

Johnson and Hudzicki
Johnson, Lowell and Hudzicki, Jan (2014)

Kass, David and Wilson, Marsha

Kaufman, Wes & Gina

Knapper, Ron & Meg

Kroh, Randy & Pam

Lake, Mike and Paula (2014)

Lane, Merle and Pat

Lane, Rick and Kathy

Lemons, Lisa and McDowell, Pam

Long, Thad & Stacy Young-Long

Mattsen, John and Helen

Maurer, Mark & Michelle

Maxwell, Jay & Sara

Plesser, Don & Terry

Poyzer, Jim & Renea

Rasmussen, David & Debbie

Riley, Michael (site administrator) and Wendy

Royalty, 2017 & 2018

Ruggini, John & Pamela

Schindler, Eve and Fred

Scruggs, Terry and Olathe, Nancy

Siefers, Dick & Vicki

Sieving, David & Lynn

Tass, David and Hardy, Nora

Thorson, Lee & Fudge, Roxy

Trotter, William & Pam

Veerkamp, Dennis & Deb

Ware, Loretta and Milo (2014)

Wells, Michael and Barbara

Wood, Jason & Brooklyn Wiesbaum

Wyche, Guy Jr. and Pam