History of Pigotts Village

Isn't it funny how things sometimes work out? For about two years now I have been trying to find out how Pigotts got it's name without any success.

On Tuesday 21st March I went to the establishment of Mr. Foster Jonas (an icon of Pigotts) to watch the cricket match between Australia and The West Indies.

I mentioned to Foster that I have found out when the Moravian Church in Pigotts was built, but no luck with how Pigotts got it's name! Pointing to the person sitting next to him, Foster said to me "this is the person you need to speak to".  That person was none other than Bishop Kingsley Lewis a grandson of one of the grandchildren of the person Pigotts was  named after.

I quickly got a piece of paper and pen and began to right down the information that he gave me.  Apparently Pigotts got it's name after Mr. Richard Albert Louden Pigott, and Mr. Pigott had purchased land in the area and the first person to live there, he was born in 1844 and had nine children, he also owned land in the east of the island and that area was also called Pigotts, when he sold the land in the east, the new owners called the area Newfield.

The western part of Pigotts was owned by a Dr. Keen Osbourne; and it was he who the western half was named after. Namely Osbourne Village or Osbourne Farm . Pigotts at one time was also called St. Mark’s Village , named after St. Marks Church.

The area was tiny, but after the second world war, there was it's first major expansion when people living on the sugar estates close by had a mass exodus off the estates, those estates were: Fitches Creek, Carlisle, and Paynters.

The second period of expansion came in the late seventies and early eighties, after the government decided to abandon the sugar industry and the former estate canfield lands were sold for housing developments. The village then spread eastwards, southwards and to the north.

The 2001 census of Antigua shows that Pigotts had a population of 1678 people; which means that it is the eighth largest community in the country.

Pigotts is a very special place and it's people are special too! Come and be apart of the celebration of the villages, people and it's culture. Which is what Pigotts Reunion, 21st - 29th JULY 2012 is all about.

Hugh "Carda" Smith