Corners 1.9.3 release
 Bug fixes and the "retry" button in the scores submit dialog.
 You can get the APK on Google Play.


 Classy Checkers: 1.0.6

 - Spanish game rules
 - Bugfixes

 Play Store:


 Corners 1.9 release

 Corners now available in DE, NL, FR and ES translations! Also this release features
 several bug (crashes) fixes, UI improvements and destination cells highlighting.
 You can get the APK on Google Play or Opera Mobile Store.

 Corners 1.8.5 release

 New Corners release features improved AI.
 Get in on the Google Play:


 Classy Checkers website


 Take a look at new website for our amazing Classy Checkers:

 Corners have been updated to the version 1.8

 In the release you will get:

 - Ads removing via in-app purchase.
 - Draw reasons explanation at the game end.
 - Landscape orientation support on the game screen.

 Play Store: Mall:

 Opera Mobile Store


 Classy Checkers: 1.0.5

 - GUI improvements
 - Bugfixes
 - Reduced APK size 
 - Spanish and German translations

 Play Store: Mall:
 Opera Store:


 Rapid Sumer has been updated

 Mainly a bug-fix release.

 - Fixed happiness indicator not always showing the true state of the empire's happiness.
 - Fixed lots of layout glitches & issues.

 Google Play: Mall:
 Opera Store:


 Corners have been updated to the version 1.7.9

 - New "quick start" experience.
 - "Play last settings game" button in main menu.
 - Dimming system buttons while playing on 4.0 and higher devices.
 - Reverse portrait orientation support (useful on tablets).
 - Several crashes have been fixed.
 - APK size has been decreased (2.6 Mb currently).

 Play Store: Mall: 


 Rapid Sumer


 In 'Rapid Sumer' we've carefully recreated the ancient 'Hamurabi' text-based game. 
 Keeping all of its old charm and adding a little bit of pleasant graphics. 
 We hoped that our game will be good fun to anybody who is in favor of good ol' school.
  • Two game types: text-based (just like the old one!) and graphics-based (specially for you, kids).
  • Nice graphics.
  • Blazing cravans robbing action!
  • Absolutely free. No ads, no in-app purchase.


 Classy Checkers: 1.0.2

 Piggybank Sftw. strikes with new Classy Checkers update:
  • Active checkers highlight.
  • Reduced apk size.
  • Fixed bugs.


 Classy Checkers: 1.0.1


 1.0.1 release of the Classy Checkers could be found on Google Play:
  • Reduced apk size.
  • Improved user interface.
  • Better draw detection.
  • Fixed bugs.
  • Draw reason reporting.
 Classy Checkers supports 8571 devices!



 Classy Checkers Release

Classy Checkers

 Classy Checkers is not just another checkers game. It is true classics! Neat and smooth,
 a real pleasure to play. Enough said! Piggybank Software proudly presents you these  features:
 • Intelligent Artificial Intelligence (yes IAI is the official name for our AI);
 • Handcrafted classy graphics, crisp even on 2K (QHD) devices;
 • Unique UI system that allows you to select jump path if there are several. Seriously, ladies and gentlemen, nobody on the market has it.
 • English and Russian rules, both with giveaway options;
 • Remote game (see below);
 • Unique popcorn mode: AI vs. AI.

 Premium features:
 • Remote game via WiFi and Bluetooth;
 • No ads;
 • You will support classy developers and thus will help them make more classy games.

 Play Store:


 Corners have been updated to the version 1.7.8
 Improved user experience: checkers jump using shortest path.
 Several bugs were fixed as well.

 Play Store: Mall:


 Corners have been updated to the version 1.7.5
 Minor update with several bugs being fixed.
 Also UI looks better on Androids with version 3.0 and above.

 Play Store: Mall:


 Corners have been updated to the version 1.7.2

 Minor update with several bugs being fixed. 

 Play Store: Mall:


 Corners have been updated to the version 1.7.1
 Play Store: Mall:

 - Installation on SD-card
 - "Keep the screen on" option
 - Several bugs have been fixed
 - Recent game setup saving

 The CREATE game jam

 The part of the Piggybank team took part in the CREATE game jam sponsored
 by Kill Screen and OUYA. We were able to make a prototype of a new game.
 It's development will be continued after while.

 Please, support us with our likes and tweets here:

 Corners have been updated to the version 1.7
 - New "diagonal moves" game mode
 - Graphics theme and initial formation are independent now
 - AI plays better
 - UI improvements for tablets
 - Fixed several minor bugs
 Corners have been updated to the version 1.6.1
 - Minor UI improvements
 - Several minor bugs have been fixed
 Corners have been updated to the version 1.6

 Update for "Corners" available on the google play:

 - New 3x4 formation
 - Added support for devices with high-res screens including tablets
 - Fixed AI issues
 - Fixed other minor bugs
 - Improved stability

 We have dropped android 1.5 support in this release. Users with android 1.5 can play
 New updates are available

 Updates for "TNT Maniac" and "Corners" available on the site and android market:

 New in "TNT Maniac":
 - No more Ads.
 - Several "FC"s have been fixed.

 New in "Corners":
 - Support for large screens (playable on tablets from now).
 - Several "FC"s have been fixed.

 Traveler's Coffee 2.0 official app has been Released!


 Piggybank is online again. We have just released second iteration of 
 Traveler's Coffee official app, featuring:
  • new graphics for HD phones
  • coffee houses photos
  • improved map
  • list of coffees available in Traveler's Coffee
  • customizable news feed
 You can download APK from Android Market: 
 "Corners" 1.5 Released!

 Finally, Piggybank is on the air again. 
 1.5 release of "Corners" brings several new features:
  • "Hot Seat" mode.
  • 3x3 start corner formation.
  • New "swamp" graphics theme.
 Also a lot of bugs were fixed. You can get game's APK on our site, Android Market
 Traveler's Coffee official app Released!

 We have just released info app, developed for famous Russian cafe net 
 - Traveler's Coffee. App could be found on Android Market and our site. Main features are:
  • cafe locator, powered by google maps.
  • cafes sorting by distance from phone.
  • per-cafe info: working time, phone number, e-mail, manager name, address, description, cafe features: wi-fi, bonuses.
  • database auto-update from official Travaler's Coffee server.
  • great UI.
  • all-in-one-place links to Travaler's Coffee web resources: site, twitter, wiki, youtube, vkontakte.
 "Corners" Released!

 New game and new genre! Corners is implementation of well known "halma" game on 8x8 chessboard board. Mighty "ai", neat graphics and exciting gameplay awaits you! The game is fully  free and could be downloaded from Android Market, AndAppStore and this site. Game is also provided with online scoring system.


 "Pitman" Released!

 Once againg Piggybank Software is happy to present a new game called "Pitman". 

"Humanity is running out of efficient energy sources, flourishing civilization is withering. Only extraordinary fuel harvested by extraordinary person – Pitman can save the world! Discover the fantastic underground world full of dangers and surprises."

 The game can be purchased at Android Market at a price $1.99. Also check out "Pitman" section in our site for screen shots and details.

 Magic Cauldron 1.1 and LITE Release

First update for Piggybank's brand-new game, Magic Cauldron, is available on Android Market. Version 1.1 brings on-line scoring table for the fastest potion makers and some minor bug fixes. Lite version is free and contains less potion recipes to buy.

 Magic Cauldron Release

At last, our new game "Magic Cauldron", developed for ADC2 could be purchased on Android Market (thanks to our partners at Alawar). Game info could be seen from any platform on AndroidLib. Your main goal in "Magic Cauldron" is to prepare all 20 available magic potions. Each potion requires several ingredients. Some of them could be purchased in store, some of them must be prepared in cauldron. Game features:
  • 20 basic ingredients available in magic store.
  • 13 amazing potions to prepare in cauldron.
  • Unique gameplay.
  • Immersive GUI.
  • High quality art and game text.
We will prepare huge patch for "Magic Cauldron" in a few days. It will bring on-line scoring table to the game and several improvements into UI. We hope you will enjoy the game. Happy potion making!

 TNT Maniac 2.3 Release

Third update to "TNT Maniac 2" has been uploaded on Android | Market. Several bugs were fixed:
  • Issue with purple monster and mine.
  • Added world score tables on campaign screen (level selection map).
  • Other minor bugs.
  • Links to other Piggybank's games.

 TNT Maniac 1.8 Release

New major update for TNT Maniac 1 is avalible for downloading from Android | Market, AndAppStore and our site. Added features:
  • All game texts were translated into Russian.
  • Added a lot of new levels.
  • Improved UI in all menus.
  • Added links on other Piggybank's games.
  • Added ad from AdMob.

 TNT Maniac 2.2 update
Second update to "TNT Maniac 2" has been uploaded on Android | Market. Several bugs were fixed:
  • Issue with saving sound volume on game quit.
  • Added highlight on buttons in main menu when scrolling through them using trackball.
  • Other minor bugs.
Also new 8-levels campaign was added. Some levels in this pack will be unlocked only if player scored some threshold on previous one.

 TNT Maniac 2.1 and TNT Maniac 1.7.2 Release on Android | Market 

First update for recently released "TNT Maniac 2" is available on Android | Market. Some issues were fixed. Also new features were added:
  • On-line scores system - you can share scored points with your friends.
  • New 3-levels campaign.
  • New buttons design for main menu.
  • Improved in-game texts.
  • .apk file size was significantly reduced.
In addition to update for "TNT Maniac 2" we continue to support TNT Maniac 1.7. New update contains texts for Chinese locale and some forse-close fixes. TNT Maniac 1.7.4 available on AndAppStore and Android | Market.

 TNT Maniac 2 Release on Android | Market

Piggybank Software is happy to announce that our new game "TNT Maniac 2" could be purchased on Android | Market. Monitoring is available on Cyrket.

Gameplay features:
  • 3 huge campaigns (including one educational);
  • 3 full-scale level themes: castle, grass, snow;
  • 6 monsters with different AIs;
  • a lot of static game objects: bonuses, spawning pits, teleports, info tables;
  • new gameplay mechanics (including scores system) in comparison with 1.7 version.
We are planning to supply at least 2 patches for this release. Those updates will contain not only bug fixes, but new content too. So keep in touch with us ;) Happy playing.

 Magic Cauldron Release on ADC2

Finally, our immersion into development of game on ADC2 have finished. Our new game's name is "Magic Cauldron". Some screenshots are available on this site. After end of ADC2 judging patched version will be available on Android Market.


 TNT Maniac Release In China
Special release of "TNT Maniac" (TNT Maniac 1.7.2) has become available for users from China. The main feature of that minor release is support of Chinese locale and some bug-fixes. General version available from and "Xmas Edition" could be found on


 TNT Maniac Downloads

"TNT Maniac" has been unpublished from It also became unavailable to download game from MobiHand. You can still download "TNT Maniac 1.7" and "Xmas Edition" from our site, AndAppStore and Android|Market. Unfortunately full featured mode purchasing is unavailable.


 TNT Maniac Xmas Edition


Piggybank Software brings you this amazing small release: TNT Maniac Xmas Edition!
Release notes:
  • new full-scale winter theme;
  • new monsters (special Christmas ones);
  • 3 story-tied levels;
  • Santa himself is going to meet you!

Ho-ho-ho! Merry Christmas!


 TNT Maniac 1.7


Full featured version released (v. 1.7). Now game includes free trial (demo) mode and full featured mode, which can be unlocked by purchasing registration code on AndroidGuys or MobiHand.

Release notes (full version):

  • 34 levels;

Release notes (both full and demo version):

  • fixed several issues that resulted in game crashes;
  • added new ground style (sand);
  • fixed several gameplay and design bugs;
  • added "on-level-loading" screen;

".apk" also available on AndroidMarket, AndAppStore on this site.


 TNT Maniac Demo 1.6

  New demo version had been released (v. 1.6)

Release notes:

  • simplified main menu (now the campaign tree is more obvious);
  • 2 additional level added;
  • fixed several issues that resulted in game crashes;

This demo available on Android Market, AndAppStore and AndroidGuys. Also demo available for download from this site.


 TNT Maniac Demo 1.5.1

New demo is available now (v. 1.5.1)

Release notes:

  • increased stability;
  • 4 levels now available;
  • slight changes in design;
  • improved user manual;

This demo available on Android Market, AndAppStore. Also demo available for download from this site.


 TNT Maniac


Today the first version of TNT Maniac for AndroidTM platform has been released. It is an old bomb-them-all style game, about the man whose only goal to destroy walls and spiders with TNT.

Demo version available for download.