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Spring 2015 -- Tucson, Arizona, April 21-23

The spring WWG meeting will be held April 21-23 in Tucson at the DoubleTree by Hilton Tucson-Reid Park. 

Meeting objectives:
  • Identify local and regional opportunities for collaboration
  • Advance WWG priorities through linkages with the PIF V business plans
  • Explore opportunities for furthering conservation efforts for aerial insectivores in the west
  • Provide updates on WWG projects and set direction for next steps
See our meeting page for Hotel info (book rooms by March 21), the agenda, and other meeting details.  However, this next piece is cool enough to put right here....    Thanks to RMBO, we now have online registration!  [Online registration is encouraged, but checks, cash, or card will be accepted at the meeting if needed.]

1.       Click here:  http://www.rmbo.org/v3/ChipIn.aspx

2.       On the right hand side of the screen, under step 1, where it says "This gift is," type “Western Working Group”

3.       Click Donate

4.       On the following screen, enter the appropriate dollar amount ($20/day, $60 for the entire meeting)

5.       And complete the rest of the form

6.       Contact David Hanni (david.hanni@rmbo.org) is you have any questions regarding registration

Fall 2014 -- Kalispell, Montana, Oct 20-24

LBCU female bill measurements by Liz Urban
Thanks to all who attended in person or via the webex/phone line (especially to Claudia Macias, Asst. Director, Voluntary Land Conservation, Pronatura Sur, calling in from Chiapas, MX!).  Great presentations, discussion, and planning.  In particular, the focused energy on refining the Western Forests Business Plan, a derivative of PIF V in Snowbird, UT.  Breakout groups fleshed-out projects under the umbrella of this business plan; more finished products due early in 2015.  A huge thank you to Greg Butcher, Migratory Bird Program Coordinator, International Programs, USFS, and to David Younkman, Vice President of Conservation, American Bird Conservancy for helping guide these discussions from a national and international perspective.

Agenda and link to the Google Drive notes and presentations is here.

Dan Casey, former WWG chair, pillar of western bird conservation, and host of this meeting, is moving on.  Dan is now the Northern Great Plains Joint Venture Coordinator, and so has moved from Whitefish to Billings, MT.  We refuse to believe this was his last WWG meeting.  After zero debate we decided that this JV is at least partly within the WWG boundary, thus, his continued participation is expected!

Long-billed Curlew
 - a bird of concern, a 
surrogate/umbrella/focal species for full life-cycle 
conservation, and über charismatic.  
One of Dan Casey's favorites.  

Spring 2014 Meeting in Ventura

... was from April 8-10, and it was another great WWG meeting!    

The first day was a combined meeting of the Central Coast Conservation Joint Venture (9a - Noon), California PIF (Noon - 1:30p), and the beginning of the WWG meeting.  The WWG meeting continued Wednesday and Thursday wherein we covered an array of high priority conservation topics, including the AKN, additional bird conservation tools, conservation delivery, partnership opportunities with State agencies, and effectively engaging in and furthering the all-important business of PIF V.

Details here!  Notes from the meeting has been posted here as well.

The Fall 2013 Boise Meeting

Boise, ID, Oct 8-10, 2013 -- Very extensive notes detail the presentations and discussions that transpired.  There were great presentations and discussion about bird conservation projects in Idaho, and issues that challenge bird conservation in Idaho were highlighted.  There were updates on the 'WWG' Research/Monitoring Projects on high priority species (Flammulated Owls, Black Swifts, and even Olive-sided Flycatchers).  And, there was a recap of the relevant portions of PIF V and brief descriptions of just a few of the proposals and project ideas that emerged from that milestone international collaboration that took place in Snowbird.  And there was much more at this meeting; the creative ideas and energy generated from PIF V and amplified here come through in the notes.  Read 'em, and prepare to engage.  Huge thanks to Jay Carlisle, Colleen Moulton, and the Idaho Bird Conservation Partnership for hosting.

PIF V -- The Fifth International PIF Meeting - Outcomes

The Snowbird meeting August (25-28) was an outstanding success, but there is much to do to follow up as we 'Advance Bird Conservation Across the Americas'.  Follow the progress as teams develop business plans for the linked geographies, north to south, fund-raising begins, and projects emerge from the combined efforts of all who participated.

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