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YeaLogger - Ham Radio logging software application for Mac OS X 
- Available at Mac App Store


The YeaLogger is ment to be a simple and straight forward logging software for Mac OS X.

The main requirement for the logging software is to be fast, simple and it should minimaze the operators actions needed to log the contacts during radio operation. The use of mouse should be minimized. For commom operation the use of keyboard short cuts should be sufficient. The idea is to spent more time with the radio instead of playing with the software.

In order to perform fast and reliable data storage of all contacts the YeaLogger use the Sqlite database for this purpose.

Screen Shot - Main screen

Screen Shot - Search result

Feedback and Support
In order to make the software even better I am open for feedback and suggestions.
For mail support please mail to: piform.studio@gmail.com

I will appreciate a short review on the AppStore if you like the software.


  • Fast entry of a Qso information. Only a Call sign is need to complete the entry.
  • The Name, Qth and Notes fields are picked up from the database if a Qso with current station has been made before. The fields can be modified and the information in the database will be updated.
  • Editing of old QSOs (Double click on a log record in either the latest ones or those in the search view)
  • Fast and partial Callsign search forwarded to a new window view. One letter och digit is enough to start the search. Supports search qualifiers for QTH, Name, Dxcc and Callsign.
  • Possibility to search foe all QSO per mode, band or a given date/year. Select the qualifier and let the search field be empty.
  • The snap shot view shows always the latest 400 QSOs.
  • Lots of Keyboards shortcuts for fast operation. 
    • Enter = Log QSO
    • esc = clear entries from input fields or close opened search view
    • cmd-b = Change Band
    • cmd-m = Change mode
    • cmd-f = Search (while entering search request in the Serach Field the "Enter" will start search engine)
    • cmd-o = open another log
    • cmd-n = create and open new log
    • cmd-g = go and search for QTH or Country on Google Maps
    • cmd-p = print QSL label for selected QSOs (works both from QSO view window and search View)
  • Auto look up for DXCC, ITU and CQ zone based on the cty.dat standard file
  • Possibility to have several logs active at the same time.
  • Support for ADIF export and import
  • Support for merging of .ylog files
  • Direct search interface to Google Maps based on QTH and or Country. Just click on the Map icon.
  • Simpel Dxcc statistics accessed from menu: YeaLogger->View->Dxcc Status
  • Limited use of QRZ.COM callsign lookup
  • QSL label printing via export to Address Book

Log merge script:

Even if there is an integrated merge log support in the YeaLogger so sometimes it would be nice to do it outside the main software environment.
Since the script is general, it can even be used to merge general SQLite database files.

A stand alone bash-script for merging of two ylog files in Terminal can be downloaded from here:
  • mergeylog.sh - on Mar 2, 2010 - 1k Download

syntax to use: 

>. mergeylog.sh source_log.ylog destination_log.ylog

 Great thanks to the helpers

Thanks to Fabian DJ1YFK, for help during Sqlite3 discussions. Fabian is the author of YFKLog, log application running on Linux systems.

Thanks to Chen W7AY, for his Coca expertize, discussions and lots of nice programming tips. Chen is the author of CocoaModem, CocoaNEC, µH Router and lots of other nice software.

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