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            IMPORTANT FOR PIfE COMMUNITY            

We are deeply saddened by the news of Tetiana Zaitsevska, our PAfE member from Ukraine, passing.
It was an honor to have known such a great person, important partner who co-created also our organization. These are just sad news.

We are happy to announce, that with the support of its' members PIfE undergoes major changes in the organization. It will be visible both in this site, as well as in the structure of the organization. This new season of 2016/2017 we will steady make the updates and explanations about all the planned changes. Changes, that will work for good.

„YouTube“ vaizdo įrašas


 (Former event) Dear members, please mark in your calendars date of Extraordinary General Assembly - 4th of June, 2016, Berlin. More...

    We are happy to announce, that from now in our website You can find new section, dedicated for PIfE training issue "PIfE Trainers committee". Here You can find the list of PIfE trainers. For more information, please visit section "PIfE Trainers committee".
  As well soon we will introduce to you section, dedicated for PIfE supervisions issue. Follow us on www.pife-pife.eu and

In our calendar you may find some appointed Skype meetings. And we have some ideas make come to life.

At the beginning (1-2nd of March) Board of Directors had a preparatory meeting for Statute change in Oslo

PIfE Board of Directors had this weekend a working meeting. 7 members of the board discussed various topics, made also some preparations for next PIfE congress in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) in September 2015. Want to take part and join the family - please come to PIfE congress "Choises - encountering the Future" on 18th to 20th of September. 

  • Children psychodrama working group meeting in Berlin in February 5-7th, 2016. Find more information here.
  • In Spring, 13th to 15th of May – FEPTO conference (link), Greece 
  • 15th to 19th of May - FEPTO Annual meeting (link), Greece
  • In Summer 2016, July 4th to 9th there is a valuable experiential group called Krakow-Auschwitz psychodrama Project lead by two experienced psychodramatists. More
  • 19th to 21st of August – Baltic Moreno days (link), Lithuania
  • In Autumn, 23rd to 25th of September - Child psychodrama conference (link), Switzerland


PIfE passed the age threshold of 25 years. And opened a new page of next 25 years. How it will be? During the Cluj-Napoca conference we have heard  some wishes from respected PIfE members about further development. Here you may see short intro:


With sorrow we have to say....  https://youtu.be/XQOJZnaEKV4

Ildikó Mävers

   The 13th International PIfE Conference  is Over       

Here are few moments from our conference in Cluj-Napoca.

YouTube Video

Some Photos from Conference Opening Session

PIfE Conference "Options. Encountering the Future". Opening

Some other photos from PIfE 13th Conference "Options. Encountering the Future"

PIfE Conference in Cluj-Napoca, 2015