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1. Portland Israeli Folk Dance News   (7-15-17)
For Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Thursday local Israeli folk dancing info in Portland, OR news and more,

2. Kyklos International Folk Dancers (some Israeli) - Portland, OR

Sundays, 7-10pm at Reed College Dance Studio in Portland, Oregon. Admission is $2 (free for Reed students).

They do a variety of dances from Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Israel, and the United States, with a mix of couple, line, and set dances.

3. Israeli folk dancing in Seattle, Tacoma, and Vancouver BC

Tacoma: Debka Esh. On Facebook at Debka Esh

4. Dancing Around - some locations. The info is subject to change, so do check local sources.
Israeli folk dancing in California (7-15-17)

Vintage Israeli Dancing
Anisa's School of Dance
14252 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Email (only used for dance-related emails).  Can contact me at 310-351-2166 or Louis at 818-881-7494.

8:16 PM -- Midnight
Usually no teaching
Only dances from the 20th Century
First hour easy dances
Less common dances after 10:30
About 75% non-partner dances
Upcoming dates, all on Saturday nights, are: 6/24/17, 7/29, 8/26, 10/7, 11/4, 12/2, 1/27/18, 2/24, 4/7, 5/5/18.

SF area: Loui Tucker, a teacher who knows dances from many countries, but specializes in Israeli in her home community in the SF Bay area.  Loui has been a long-term popular teacher at the Stockton Folkdance Camp in Stockton California. For lots of info see       (8/17)

Palo Alto:, or email Aaron Alpert at   (7/17)

    Santa Barbara: Focus on vintage dancing - Michal Lynch,  
    Information on the website of the Santa        Barbara Dance Alliance: 
    Focus on modern - Osnat Ben-Shahar, Tuesdays, Oak Park.

    Westside JCC Los Angeles: Questions e-mail or 310-284-3638

     Los Angeles: http://www.sababanights.comSababa Nights, Monday mostly couples evening, run by Harel Asaraf.
    2244 Westwood Blvd., LA, CA 90064. 
Sababa Nights mostly couples is moving to Sunday evenings starting 
    October 19, 2014.  Same location.  Same time. Different Night.  (9/14)

    Newport Beach and San Diego: Yoni Carr. The website is; or email Yoni at

East Coast, Midwest, Southwest

Ann Arbor, Mi Web:  Email: Laura   

Info: 847.274.1809

Pittsburgh Thursday nights at the Squirrel Hill JCC (in the city)

Washington DC area

For information, directions, or anything else, please email:

Olney, MD Facebook: Israeli dancing with Ken Avner.
Dee Jacobson
Kochavim Israeli Dance Camp
March 26-29, 2015
Houston JCC Israeli Dancing

RikuDallas-Dallas Israeli Dance

5. Israeli Dance  Includes a bilingual magazine on Israeli folk dance, a bimonthly listing of where to dance, an index of dances, material for teaching, a costume bank, and workshops for teachers.

6. Aura Levin Lipski, Publisher, Jewish World Life Online Network

Jewish World Life    Celebrating Jewish culture & events

Jewish Australia      Culture & information resource centre

Hebrew Songs         Your Online Library of Hebrew Songs 

Yiddish Songs          Yiddish song words & resources

Israeli Dances          The global resource for Israeli Dances

Jewish Australia Online Shop  Sellingworldwide

Jewish World Life Facebook page               

History of IFD

Collin's Israeli Dancing

Toronto, Canada

8. Resource pages for dance info

     Posts, videos, newsletter, radio links and more!

wiki style site

extensive info

       Comprehensive site with videos etc.

9. Facebook Pages (not a complete list) (7-15-17)


Portland, OR
Israeli Folk Dancing in Portland, OR
Cafe Shalom, Israeli Folk Dancing in Portland, OR

10. William Harvey's site: comprehensive listings of sessions, leaders, organizations, and more.

11. -We are dancers dedicated to preserving and perpetuating the first generation of Israeli folk dances -- Rikuday Dor Rishon. These dances evolved during the creation and building of Israel -- from the pre-independence era to the reunification of Jerusalem and the post-Six Day War period. The folk dances of this generation reflect an energy level, spirit and optimism unique in the Jewish cultural experience

12  The Israeli Dance Institute

During the last two decades, the appeal of Israeli dance has grown and expanded in Israel, the United States and throughout the world. The spirit of warmth and exuberance generated through Israeli folk dance draws enthusiasts from all backgrounds and has made Israeli folk dance an integral part of the international folk dance repertoire as well. More and more people are experiencing the excitement of today’s Israeli folk dance activities and are eager to obtain more information about the background and development of the Israeli folk dance movement.

The Israeli Dance Institute, a comprehensive resource and information center, was established by Danny Uziel and Ruth Goodman in 1990 to meet this need. IDI offers professional guidance to teachers, community leaders, performing groups and Israeli folk dance enthusiasts through the following services:


      E scholarship Univ. of CA. Four Israeli folk dances with a good intro.