B'YACHAD Northwest 2020

Hello B'Yachad '20 Dancers,

In this virtual world we're living (and dancing) in these days,  I want to send a virtual hug with deepest gratitude to you all for registering and appearing, dancing, leading us and schmoozing together at B'YACHAD '20 last night, Sun. Aug. 30th.

From near and far I felt close by to all of you, dancing away in the little areas we all created in our homes.  Funny that B'YACHAD '20 felt so close to me this year maybe because of how strongly I am yearning to dance together again.

I hope you all had a load of fun and exercise, and as I say every year at B'YACHAD, "couldn't have done it without you!"

Here's to our continued health and vigilence against this tiny virus, so that sooner rather than later we'll be dancing together in person again (without masks!).

Thank you again to all of you, and again and again to Ohad, Allison, Tal and Yael, Esti, Donna Dianne, Nona, Ellie for bringing us and all of our dance floors together with them.

Looking forward to next year's B'YACHAD '21,


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An amazing weekend!
B’YACHAD Northwest ’19!!
was Friday, August 23-Sunday, Aug 25
At The Stampfer Center / Camp Solomon Schechter,
Olympia, Washington

From Nona Malki' a.malki@shaw.ca [rikud] <rikud@yahoogroups.com>

Aug 28, 2019, 10:39 AM (1 day ago)
to rikud

Hi Everyone...

B'YACHAD Northwest 2019 took place over the Aug 23rd - 25th weekend, at the beautiful Solomon Shechter retreat in Tumwater Washington.

This is an annual event directed by Debbi Montrose. 

All sessions and teaching are run by local teachers primarily from Portland and Seattle and when they can be there, Vancouver.

It’s a fun and relaxed weekend with good friends, good food and of course alot of dancing!!

Thanks to Debbi, her staff and to all of the teachers and session leaders for another successful B’YACHAD Northwest!

Below, is the list of dances taught over the weekend.


Ha Yechida                                      Yuval Tabashi:                     Taught By Donna Cole

Bechaiyai                                         Michael Barzilai:                Taught by Ellie Morhaime

Hakol Od Efshari                            Ilai Szpiezak:                      Taught by Diane Casper

Boker Tov                                        Oren Ashkenazi:                Taught by Allison Victor

Isha Sheli (p)                                  Yaron Carmel:                    Taught by Esti Levine

Lisloach ve Lishkoach (p)          Nona Malki:                         Taught by Nona Malki

Machmal Nafshi (p)                     Shlomo Maman:               Taught by Avi Tayar



Vancouver BC


B'YACHAD '17 Recap

By Debbi Montrose

The Stampfer Center/home of Camp Solomon Schechter is such a beautiful and idyllic setting for us to dance and schmooze together at B'YACHAD every year; and for sure this could not happen without THOSE OF US THERE (you've heard me say over and over each year!).

Having the dance floor so full and running so smoothly has been our "constant" each year; and for sure this also can't be done without our amazing dance leaders too!  Thanks again to you all for your camaraderie and devotion to what makes this weekend so wonderful.

If you go to the website: portlandisraelidance.com, you'll see a tab for B'YACHAD '17. There you will find a list of the dances with videos we learned at B'YACHAD this year. Thank you Deborah and Donna for putting this together. You can also see PIFD News (sites.google.com/site/pifdnews) for links to B’YACHAD and more. And see the photo album at our Facebook site: Israeli Folk Dancing in Portland, OR.

Once again, our amazing PNW session leaders pulled it together for us and helped make dancing so fun and cohesive. I think I danced almost every dance I know and more!  Our energy on that floor sure could fill this world with love like from nowhere else!

Be well everyone, SHANA TOVA to you, and see you on and off the dance floor soon I hope!


PS I think the music CD this year is FANTASTIC (as it is every year). Thank you to Ellie and Dianne for putting it together!  Check with me if you'd like to purchase more at debbirm@aol.com and I'll have Dianne make more.

See photos on Facebook at: B"YACHAD 2017 See dances at portlandisraelidance.com

DEBBI MONTROSE, director. debbirm@aol.com

Here are the dances taught:

2017 B'YACHAD Dances

B'YACHAD '16. Another great year!

B'YACHAD 2016 held August 26th-28th / Camp Solomon Schechter (Olympia WA)

Beautiful venue, old friends & new, perfect weather! Pictures: https://www.facebook.com/Israeli-Folk-Dancing-in-Portland-OR-384857678264291/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1116325201784198


Dances taught:

Ma Hen Ha'Milim / Avi Levy

Kol Yom (Ani Kan Bishvilech) / Elad Shtamer

Inshalla - Michael Barzelai

Toda La'Olam - Oren Ashkenazi

Ad Eliach   P - Avi levy

Ze Lo At   P - Avi Levy

2016 dance staff:

Portland:  Donna Cole, Allison Victor & Avi Tayar

Seattle:  Dianne Casper, Ellie Morhaime &  Esti Livni

L.A.: William Harvey

Special thank you's..

Idan Porat- Sound engineer extraordinaire! 

Rachel Stern - Extremely popular Yoga Hour by the lake

Cindy Droker -  Children's session

Esther Oulman Carver - for overseeing just about everything with a smile

& many  thanks to....

Candy Swan

Moshe & Becca  Patton . . . did I forget anyone? 

All of the amazing dancers this year & 3:20 am dance floor survivors!

Debbi Montrose/ Camp director - thank you, thank you for all that you do & making this all possible for us!

Ellie Morhaime

2015/2016 Dance Program Director

See more photos at:


B'YACHAD 2015 - Another great year!!

Photo by Candi Swan.
See lots of photos at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.894107620672625.1073741849.384857678264291&type=3&notif_t=like


From PortlandIsraelidance.com

B’YACHAD Northwest

B’YACHAD NW 2015  is over for this year. We hope you can join us next year.

B’YACHAD 2015 was great fun, despite a rather wet beginning. We had the larger wooden floor again. Dancers came from all over the Northwest (Oregon, Washington and British Columbia), California, Nevada and Georgia. Quite a few people brought their families so that they too could enjoy the camp environment. All the dances were taught by local session leaders; Donna Cole, Avi Tayar, Allison Victor (Portland, OR), Esti Livne, Ellie Morhaime, Dianne Casper, Gail Levy (Seattle, WA), and William Harvey (now in southern California, but raised in Portland). Nona Malki (Vancouver, BC) was present, but sadly, could not dance or teach, due to an injury. Still she helped inestimably with making the program entertaining.

The dance party on Friday night was amazing! There was so much energy and so many wonderful dances. Everyone had a fabulous time. Thank you, Esti and Donna and Ellie, for such a great evening. Saturday night was more laid back, with plenty of dances from the nostalgia category. Thank you Diane and Allison. And thanks also to all the teachers, for introducing us to some lovely new dances.

The food this year was considerably better than last, with plentiful, healthy snacks available throughout the dance sessions. Great leisure time activities were enjoyed by dancers and non-dancers alike. once the skies cleared.


Dance nameChoreographerYearTypeTaught byVideo Link
TipotRafi Ziv2015circleEsti
Patach LibechNurit Melamed2015circleGaildance
She'tachzor B'shalomAvi Peretz2014circleAllisondance
She'tach EshYaron Ben Simchon2015circleDianedance
Hi Lo AtSagi Azran2014partnerDonna with Avidance
Lama Li Lama LachYaron Ben Simchon2015partnerEllie with Williamdance


2015 & 2014 B'YACHAD RECAPS -- 
See photos on Facebook: Israeli Folk Dancing in Portland, OR

To see all the photos Candi took please go to Facebook "Israeli Folk Dancing in Portland, OR" 

By Nona Malki, 2014

B'Yachad Northwest, 2014 Israeli Dance Weekend was held this past weekend at Camp Solomon Schechter retreat, near Olympia, Washington.

Dancers and families spent a wonderful weekend together at this amazingly beautifully serene and spiritual venue.  Old friends & new met to spend a perfect weekend together with perfect weather & plenty of dancing!   

This camp is directed by Debbi Montrose and thanks to her hard work and lovely vision, B’Yachad was again great and successful!

Our 2014 dance staff (teachers/ markidim)
Portland: Donna Cole & Avi Tayar
Seattle: Dianne Casper, Ellie Morhaime, Esti Livni & Gail Levy

Vancouver: Nona Malki
LA: William Harvey

New Jersey: Special Guest:  Mitch Ginsburgh

Dances taught:
Matanot Ktanot: Gadi Bitton
Achshav Karov (p) : Gadi Bitton
Halev: Gadi Bitton
Romeio (p): Nona Malki 
Vilner Gaon: Mitch Ginsburgh
Rak Kan: Oren Ashkenazi
LeYeled Haze Hitpalalti: Oren Ashkenazi

Special appreciation goes out to...

Rachel Stern- ever popular Yoga class by the lake
Cindy Droker- Children’s dance session

See photos on Facebook "Israeli Folk Dancing in Portland, OR"


B’YACHAD Northwest 2013

B'YACHAD Northwest 2014 dancers gather for a group photo.
Dancers at the B'YACHAD Northwest '13, gather for a group photo.

See pictures of B'YACHAD Northwest 2013 on Facebook.

Facebook: Israeli Folk Dancing in Portland, OR.      Click on Photos and also Albums.

From Debbi:

B'YACHAD Northwest 2013, Pacific Northwest's Israeli Dance Retreat for Intermediate/Advanced Dancers, just completed its 13th retreat August 16-18, at The Stampfer Center/Camp Solomon Schechter in Tumwater/Olympia, Washington.

The facility is a little piece of heaven on earth, and to the 65+ dancers/session leaders/family and friends who attended: you too helped make it the "best on earth" to me!

Thank you to Ellie, Dianne, Donna, Avi, Esti, Allison, William and Cindy D., all who helped to run and teach at sessions throughout the weekend, and of course Rachel with 30 yogi's this year, and to Dorice for helping to bring the "Bar Mitzvah" feeling to us this year!  

Thank you's also go to Frank, Zach and the camp staff for readying the camp and feeding us all weekend, and again to all us dancers for bringing the best of camaraderie and dance to this incredible location.  Happy dancing, and a wonderful New Year to you all!

From Ellie:

Beautiful venue, old friends & new, perfect weather lots of dancers & plenty of dancing!

Debbi Montrose – our camp director, thank you for the hard work and another great year! Our 2013 dance staff (teachers/ markidim) Portland: Donna Cole, Allison Victor & Avi Tayar; Seattle: Dianne Casper, Ellie Morhaime & Esti Livni; and L.A: William Harvey.

Special appreciation goes out to all the many hands & heads that went in to all the elements (sorry if I left anyone out): Warren Cole – videos, Vicki Wasserman – table decoration, Rachel Stern – ever popular Yoga class by the lake, Dorice Horenstein – for a beautiful Havdala and all the passion, and Cindy Droker – children’s dance session & performance.

Dances taught this year included: Birkat Ha'Kohanim – Shmulik Gov Ari, Mariposa – Gadi Bitton, Eifo At Hayom – Moshe Twille /G. Bitton, Kul shi Kalam – Gadi Bitton, Yafa Kmo Tamid – (P) Dudu Barzilai, Ba'layla – Gadi Bitton, and At Malach (P) – Avner Naim.

From Allison:

Israeli dance weekend! B'Yachad at beautiful camp setting! Canoeing in water lily accented lake and fabulous dancing! Our 13th year!        

B’YACHAD Northwest 2012 and other past years . . . 

See Facebook page for tons of pictures!  Israeli Folk Dancing in Portland, OR.


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