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Spring  2021                                        Updated 4/10/21

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Hi Sue & Friends & Donna dancers,
Join in Monday April 12th for a fun session in Portland, OR of Israeli folk dancing with friends near and far, each week 7 to 9+ pm Pacific Time! Sue 7 to 8 pm -- Donna 8 to 9 pm +15 min or so.

Monday is my (Sue's) birthday and I can't imagine a better way to spend it than dancing with you. We are going to have a very special guest join me - Joan Hantman! She will teach/review 3 dances that I especially requested, from 7:15 to and 7:45: Sayenu, Hashachar, and Avak Hadrachim.

About Joan: After years of classical dance training, Joan was introduced to Israeli folk dance at Brandeis University, and thus began the start of a lasting relationship. She has studied with many of the major IFD and International choreographers, and performed and attended workshops from masters all over the world. She was the coordinator and an instructor of the MIT Folk Dance Club's Israeli dancing for more than 25 years, and was on the board of Directors for the Boston Israeli Folk Dance Festival, to name a few of her many accomplishments. Currently she lives in LA, and dances and teaches at numerous virtual sessions, and runs a quarterly classic session on line.
If you have any requests from my repertoire (attached) to add to Monday's 7-8 pm playlist, please send them - pifdnews@gmail.com! You can also send dance requests for Donna's session and I'll make sure she gets them.
My repertoire is mostly classic dances with a splash of International; Donna's is IFD classic to modern. So, something for everyone! We can’t wait to see you!
Join Zoom Folk Dancing with Sue & Friends & Donna
ID: 874 3227 8151
Passcode: folkdance
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To request dances send us an email anytime: Sue, pifdnews@gmail.com or Donna, donna@donnacolestudio.com

Topic: Folk dancing with Sue & Friends & Donna
Time: Mondays. Doors open at 6:45. Sue 7 to 8 pm PT. Then Donna 8 to 9 pm PT and a bit beyond now!

Join Zoom Folk Dancing with Sue & Friends & Donna

 ID: 874 3227 8151
Passcode: folkdance

This link is now permanently posted on Facebook 'Israeli Folk Dancing in Portland, OR" and website: sites.google.com/site/pifdnews

Thank you for your donations to JFGP Covid Relief, tips and notes! Your generosity and kind words mean a lot to us. 

Best to dance,
Sue & Donna
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Posted 3/15/21  Heidi Vorst will be the guest instructor on the Mar. 15 & 22nd during Sue's session to teach/review a Japanese folk dance called Portland Ondo (dance). Japanese folk dances and their accompanying hand movements often represent various locations around the world, and this dance was especially created in 2016 by Sahomi Tachibana, a Japanese classical dancer and teacher. Portland Ondo honors and depicts the mountains, rivers, and bridges of Portland, Oregon. 

To see a video of Portland Ondo please CLICK HERE
About Heidi Vorst:

In the photo Heidi wears a traditional Estonian costume for a married woman
and holds a jauram, a rustic, Estonian rhythm instrument(Delta, the "granddog"
of her good friend Liina, director of Portland's Estonian dance troupe, Tulehoidjad, looks on.)

Heidi has an extensive background teaching international and Israeli folk dances to adults and children at local community centers, schools, festivals, and to numerous groups through her past position at the Regional Arts and Culture Council and Young Audiences programs. In addition to years of research and attending workshops, Heidi has 6 1/2 years of semi-private lessons in Japanese classical and folk dance with master sensei, Sahomi Tachibana, in addition to dancing with the annual Obon dancers at Oregon Buddhist Temple and the Japanese Gardens.

In 1985 Heidi founded and still directs the youth international folk dance troupe, Süssefüsse (Sweetfeet) that has performed throughout the Pacific Northwest and Japan and Hungary.

Even the pandemic can’t stop us as Heidi states, “We all know how adaptable folk dance can be, so it lives on, thankfully, as we continue to educate ourselves about world culture and dance!“

Here is a very good teaching video of Jerusalema. One with steps, one with steps and music.
I can't stop humming and dancing it!

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My Monday dance sessions are free to all. If you are inclined: The Jewish Federation of Greater Portland (JFGP) is accepting donations to its COVID-19 Relief Fund. Donations have kept many Jewish service organizations viable during these uncertain and trying times. To contribute to the JFGP's Covid Relief Fund, please go to

If you need Covid related info or services
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Phone: 971-990-5652

Accepting tips for Monday's folk dance sessions through Venmo, at SueKernWendel. Or  by check mailed to Sue Wendel, 4804 NW Bethany Blvd., Suite I-2, #338, Portland, OR 97229. Proceeds split with special guest teachers. Thanks!
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Allison's Wednesday class at the MJCC Israeli Dancing

Wednesdays, March 24 - April 28, 2021
No class on April 14.

All levels are welcome.
Class is held virtually and led by Allison Victor. Call the MJCC for details 503-244-0111/
Wednesday night class/session on zoom through the MJCC. Or email Allison allisonvictor@comcast.net



Monday at 7pm EST Israeli Dance Class

Tuesday at 10:30 am EST  NuLine Dance Class (starting in January)

Thursday at 10:30am EST NuLine Dance Workshop    

Thursday at 1pm EST Israeli Dance Workshop  (starting in January) 

Saturday at 1pm EST Balkan & Int’l Folk Dance Class


ALL Classes, Workshops & Parties are on my Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/user/iraweisburd


Allen King Classic IFD session are monthly!
Israeli Folk Dance “Oldies" with Allen King
Sunday, February 21, 2021
1:30 PM - 5:30 PM Pacific Time
For Zoom link email allenk@mindspring.com

See you soon!
-- On YouTube Ayal Family Dances. They have tons of recorded sessions too. 
From Ayal Family, Jan. 2021: Hey everyone! We're on YouTube now, and we'd love to have you join us! We're dancing every day this week at 3pm PST. Hope you're having a nice 2021 so far 😊
-- For sessions all over the world check out http://www.nirkoda.com/virtual
Here is a list of classic dancing on Zoom from Gary Fox. Subject to updates. Email the leaders.

Israeli folk dancing is alive and well in these pandemic times----we can dance virtually!

See the article about virtual folk dancing in Portland, OR in the May 13th edition of the Jewish Review https://cdn.fedweb.org/fed-29/2/JR%2520May%252013%2520final1.pdf

See this article about virtual dancing around the world in Tablet (thanks Rhona for sending) https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/community/articles/israeli-folk-dance-during-pandemic

Virtual session with Sue & Friends & Donna Mondays  7 pm to 9:00 pm PT
7-8 pm Mostly classic Israeli, some new, and some International too. 8-9 pm intermediate and newer dances.

To be added the email list send name to Sue at pifdnews@gmail.com.
Sue on Zoom 2.jpg
Best to dance!

Sue & Friends Dance Notes:

Special guest teacher Cindy Merrill taught Hachol Yizkor And Rhona Feldman taught Debka Oud. 

Please familiarize yourself with the dance by watching the video of Hachol Yizkor. It will enhance your Zoom learning experience on Mondays! PLEASE review Danse  and Hachol Yizkor.

We learned/reviewed the dance Stam Yom Shel Chol - Just an Ordinary Day, by Schmulik Gov Ari, 1984. A perfect dance with a humable melody that celebrates the small stuff in life. :-) See the dance here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcHJU7Kstac

We are pleased to add a beautiful new dance by Ira Weisburd. Words and music by Anna Alcaide. Luna Sefardita (`Sephardic Moon’)  of Ladino inspired style "is the song of Alina, a girl who personifies the history of the Sephardic people and leaves Toledo [Spain, during the Inquisition], embarking on a long journey of exile, following the traces of the moon..."  
See Ira teaching the dance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnHiqowp7uU

Info about an international dance we learned: Lubili Se Dvama Mladi, pronounced: LEEbilee Say DVAHmah M'LAHdy. 
Choreographed by Richard van der Kooij. Bulgarian.

The title translates as "Two young people were in love". The Song is from the 2001 movie "Winged Migration" where it is called "Le Retour des Grues" (The return of the cranes). The dance suggests to me how cranes move. Thanks goes to Laura Tattoo from Kyklos for her help gathering the info.

I first learned the dance at a Kyklos local international session that meets on Sunday nights online about a month ago (Mimi dances in the group). I fell in love with the melody and dance and want to share it with you. I find it kind of soothing in these unsettling times.  

This 2:42 min video includes the music  Le Retour des Grues and clips from the film. Enjoy.


The photos are from our May 11th,2020 session!


5/13/20 - Jewish Review article by Deborah Moon about virtual Israeli folk dancing in Portland, OR.(page 2) 

Together in dance,
Sue Wendel, PIFD News editor, and session leader at Leedy Grange

Hi PIFD News dancers,
For now there are many virtual dance sessions
all over the world. See 


Hora Wiki

Do you know tid-bits about Israeli folk dances?
This is a message from Larry Denenberg: Hello. This note is about HoraWiki, the treasury of Israeli folkdance
information that anyone can edit. http://horawiki.org/

I'm trying to improve HoraWiki's coverage of individual dances. There's
already a bunch of fascinating stuff. For example, did you know that...

... the composer of BeSof Ma'agal won a Grammy Award for his more famous
tune, Under the Boardwalk? http://horawiki.org/page/BeSof_Ma%27agal

... the original of Sonata is instrumental, but has versions with lyrics
in at least nine languages? http://horawiki.org/page/Sonata

... Le'ehov Im Efshar is from a Hindi movie?
http://horawiki.org/page/Original_Music (scroll to Le'ehov and click the
"performed" link in the right column; really don't miss this one)

... the chorus lyrics of Yesh Lanu Tayish are not from the original, but
from parody "We Have a Rebbe"? http://horawiki.org/page/Yesh_Lanu_Tayish

I'd like to collect more such unusual facts about individual dances, even if not quite as surprising. It could be stories about the music, about how a dance came to be created, unusual versions or ways it's done
wrong, unique performances, gossip (especially salacious, of course) about the choreographer, anything interesting that we'd like topreserve. Note that I haven't mentioned the word "useful" anywhere.

So if you know anything about particular dances and you'd like to help, you can either stick it into HoraWiki yourself (that's why it's a wiki) or send it to me and I'll add it. Let's get that stuff out of your head and written down where everyone can enjoy it!

Everyone stay safe. We'll be dancing together soon.

/Larry Denenberg

Sunday evening: at Fulton 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. beginning Israeli dances, and open dancing to 11:00 p.m. with Donna Cole. $7. Website:  portlandisraelidance.com 
Fulton Park Community Center, 68 Southwest Miles St., Portland, OR 97219
        Info: Donna, 503-645-4160, SundaySession@portlandisraelidance.com

Monday evening: 1st & 3rd and 5th Monday nights of each month, Leedy Grange with Sue & Friends7:00 to 9:00 p.m. dancing & instruction. With a focus on classic dances, some newer, and now a splash of International! $6/$10 couples. FREE for first timers. 7 to 7:30 is for beginners. No partner or experience necessary. Dates TBA.

        Leedy Grange in Cedar Mill, 835 NW Satlzman Rd., Ptld., 97229 
        Info: Sue Wendel at pifdnews@gmail.com
        Website: PIFD NEWS  sites.google.com/site/pifdnews
Israeli Folk Dancing in Portland, OR 

Tuesday evenings class, TBA 7:15 to 8:30 pm. Beginning Israeli Folk Dancing for Adults with Rhona Feldman. Garden Home Rec Center.

Wednesday evening class: Beginning Israeli Dance Class with Allison Victor at the MJCC. Call MJCC for dates and to register. Weds. 7 to 8 pm. Drop-ins welcome. Dates TBA
        Info: MJCC 503-244-0111, Allison, 503-314-1567,  allisonvictor@comcast.net

Thurs, evening: 8:45 to 11:00 p.m. Israeli dance couples session with Avi Tayar. Intermediate to advanced level. Dancers usually come as partners. CONTACT FOR NEW LOCATION. 
Info and to be put on mailing list: ifd.pdx@gmail.com and/or debbirm@aol.com. Please contact before attending as session may be cancelled, and location and dates may vary.

Thursday evening: Cafe Shalom with Allison Victor. 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. Israeli dance intermediate class, and 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. open dancing! $12 for class and open dancing. $7 open dance only.
        Location: 8936 SW 17th Ave, Portland, 97219
        Info: Allison, 503-314-1567,  allisonvictor@comcast.net
        Facebook: Cafe Shalom, Israeli Folkdancing in Portland, Oregon

Fridays class: David Rutizer teaches Israeli and International folk dancing at Elsie Stuhr Center Fridays 3:00 to 4:30. Date TBA David david@creativedavid.com or

Stay healthy until we can dance together in person!

Sue Wendel, editor and publisher, PIFD News

And join - "Israeli Folk Dancing in Portland, OR" - Facebook page to see news blasts about folk dance events. 

Keep dancing in mind, body, and spirit!
And stay safe and healthy until we can meet again.
Sue Wendel, Editor, PIFD News


Hello Sue & Friends folk dancers -- we're on TV!

Picture capture from JOTV Episode 4.

I am excited to share JOTV's just released Episode 4 The Curious and Creative, which features Israeli folk dancing (starts at 3:15). I am so grateful to all the dancers who attended that night of fliming! And thank you to the JOTV team for featuring this fun and cultural activity as part of Epsiode 4 -- as they artistically highlight our love of Israeli dance for their viewers to learn about and enjoy.
Jewish Oregon TV Epidsode 4 The Curious and Creative 

Thank you for reading PIFD News! Stay healthy.
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