Pietro Mercati, PhD

I am a Research Scientist at Intel Corporation

I obtained my PhD in Computer Science at the University of California, San Diego in January 2017.
During my PhD I was within the System Energy Efficiency Lab (SEELAB) in the Computer Science and Engineering department with my advisor Professor Tajana Simunic Rosing. 

My research interest includes performance, power, thermal and reliability optimization of computing systems, from embedded systems, to high performance computing, to IoT.

I published work in international conferences, such as DAC, DATE and ICCD, and I am a reviewer for several journals (ACM TECS, IEEE TCAD, IEEE Systems Journal, ETRI Journal, Elsevier VLSI, IEEE Access). 

I love teaching! In summer 2016 I was the instructor for two classes at UCSD: CSE140 and CSE140L. At the end I obtained 100% score as "recommended instructor" from student reviews.

I am always interested in academic collaborations! If you want to discuss some research, send me an email.

                        My Resume is available HERE

                        Check my list of publications HERE


What's New?
June 2017: Paper accepted for publication at ICCAD2017 conference!
June 2017: Paper presented at DAC2017 in Austin, TX
April 2017: Started job at Intel Corporation, Strategic CAD Labs!
February 2017: Paper accepted for publication at DAC2017 in Austin, TX!!
January 2017: Paper accepted for publication in IEEE TMSCS!
January 2017: Thesis submission: PhD is DONE!
December 2016: PhD Final Defense!
October 2016: Presenting at CNS Research Review at UCSD
September 2016: Presenting at TECHCON2016 conference in Austin, TX
August 2016: Paper accepted for publication at IEEE TCAD!!
August 2016: Teaching CSE140 and CSE140L at UCSD
July 2016: Concluded internship at Intel SCL
June 2016: 2 papers accepted at TECHCON2016 !
May 2016: Presented at GLSVLSI2016 in Boston, MA
March 2016: Presented at ISQED2016 conference in Santa Clara, CA
March 2016: Started internship at Intel Corp. - Strategic CAD Labs
February 2016: Paper accepted in GLSVLSI2016! See you in Boston!
January 2016: I gave a seminar on IoT Hardware for CSE291 class
December 2015: Concluded PhD classes!! Officially ABD!
December 2015: Accepted proposal for DATE2016 PhD Forum
December 2015: Paper accepted at ISQED2016 !
November 2015: Presenting at CWS Summit at UCSD
October 2015: Presenting at TECHCON2015 conference in Austin, TX
September 2015: Concluded internship at Samsung Research America
August 2015: Presenting at "Samsung Interns Showcase"
July 2015: Presenting at Mobiquitous 2015 in Coimbra (Portugal)
June 2015: Started internship at Samsung Research America
April 2015: Passed Qualifying Exam (PhD Candidacy)
April 2015: Attended UCSD Research Expo
October 2014: Presenting at Mobicase2014 conference in Austin
September 2014: Presenting at ICCD2014 in Seoul, South Korea
June-September 2014: Internship in Samsung Research America
June 2014: Presenting at DAC2014 conference in San Francisco, CA
June 2014: Passed Research Exam
March 2014: Presenting at DATE2014 conference in Dresden, Germany
September 2013: Started PhD at UCSD