Software development, Simulation, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms. 

Favourite forms of energy: nuclear
  • Uranium for me.
  • Thorium for my kids.
  • Fusion for my grandchildren.

What I just can't stand: Football :-)

Personal projects

- Design of a framework for a fault tolerant, modular, small and high performance system.
- Developing a set of high level utilities based on Boost.
- Neuro 4: a modular spiking neural network using C++20, Boost, SYCL/OpenCL, ...

Open source (on GitHub):
- microLoglight, compact, fast logger; different minimal log levels for different kinds of logs, allowing to focus on specific areas of the code.
- logViewer: utility to 1) display log files in real time on the console, and 2) highlight/summarise text on the basis of keywords.
- PrecompData: container of pre-calculated values, returned with interpolation/regression; improves performance avoiding the realtime computation of complex functions.

- Neuro 3: a spiking neural network in C++.
- Neuro 2: a modular neural network (mixture of experts model).
- Neuro 1: a back-propagation neural network.
- CFD: a fluid dynamics simulator (done when 17 years old).

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