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The PURSOR Protocol is a new treatment  employing only naturally occurring amino acids that can help resolve addictive cravings for alcohol and stimulants such as cocaine and methamphetamine. Nearly all patients actively craving these substances or who are in acute withdrawal stop craving and Jonesing within minutes. Continued use of PURSOR permits those addicted to enjoy a craving free life. PURSOR also remits neuropsychiatric conditions such as anxiety, hostility, depression and obsessive/compulsive disorders.


The PURSOR protocol is currently available. Your physician or health provider can enroll by contacting Dan Wills at Grandpa's Compounding Pharmacy in Placerville, CA. where the medications will be formulated. You and your provider will be provided with all the information and training that you should need.

Once you are enrolled I will be glad to give 24/7 personal support to your health provider or to you directly if he or she should request me to do so. Since our discussion should be educational in nature, I will ask your provider to share in such a discussion.

Right now, prior to enrollment, you can email or call me as you like.


This Site Provides Hypotheses; any Hypothesis may be Wrong

 I am self-taught except for the few colleagues who have been associated with my work. Included on this site are some brief articles that have passed peer review. Others, such as the review can be found on the Parkinson's page, are of my own creation. It may be that I have misconstrued the many articles that I have read and come to wrong conclusions. Please let me know if you detect any such anomalies.

These Pages may be too Technical

I recognize that I have two audiences. I hope the vast majority will be lay people who have heard that for ten years there has been available a simple program that can manage a variety of disorders by restoring balance to the brain. However, I am also writing for the researchers whom I hope to convince that a new treatment paradigm is available. I apologize for my use of technical jargon. I hope, in the future to edit what I have written here to make it more available.Fortunately, I believe that should you hit a tough spot you can ignore the details. Remember, I am trying to impress academicians, a very difficult job, almost as hard as trying to teach them something new.

I would suggest you start at one of these pages or consult the sitemap.


Pietr Hitzig, M.D.

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