Pieter Serneels

I am a Professor of Economics at the University of East Anglia and a Visiting Professor at the University   of Oxford. More about me here.

Recent articles

The impact of climate change on work. Lessons for developing countries.
World Bank Research Observer, 2024, forthcoming, with Moustafa Feriga, Nancy Lozano. 

The COVID-19 pandemic and maternal mental health in a fragile and conflict affected setting, a cohort study in Tumaco, Colombia.
Lancet Global Health, Volume 9, Issue 8, August 2021with Andres Moya, Alethea Desrosiers, Vilma Reyes, María José Torres. 

Recruitment, effort and retention effect of performance contracts for civil servants. Experimental evidence from Rwandan primary schools.
American Economic Review, Vol 111. No 7, July 2021, with Clare Leaver, Owen Ozier, Andrew Zeitlin, available from arXiv ; previous versions appeared as RISE Working Paper 20/048,  IZA Discussion Paper 13696, Word Bank Policy Research Working Paper 9395, CEPR Discussion paper 15333.  See VoxDev, Selection and incentive effects of teacher performance contracts in Rwanda  

Health information, treatment, and worker productivity.
Journal of the European Economic Association, Vol 19, Issue 2, April 2021, with Andrew Dillon, Jed Friedman

Productivity and health: alternative productivity measures using physical activity
World Bank Economic Review, Vol 35, Issue 3, October 2021,p 652-680,with Oladele Akogun, Andrew Dillon, Jed Friedman, Ashesh Prasann 

Poverty, Aspirations and Education. Evidence from India.
Journal of Development Studies, 2021, Vol 57, Issues 1, with Stefan Dercon, previous versions available as IZA Discussion Paper 13697, RISE Working Paper 20/53

Diabetes, employment and behavioural risk factors in China: Marginal structural models and fixed effects estimation.
Economics and Human Biology, Vol 39, December 2020, with Till Seuring, Marc Suhrcke, Max Bachmann, available as IZA Discussion Paper 11817

The impact of diabetes on labour market outcomes in Mexico: a panel and biomarker data analysis.
Social Science and Medicine, Vol 233, July 2019, p252-261. with Till Seuring, Marc Suhrcke

Pay for locally monitored performance? A welfare analysis for teacher attendance in Uganda primary schools.
Journal of Public Economics, Vol 175, November 2018, p69-90. with Jacobus Cilliers, Ibrahim Kasirye, Clare Leaver, Andrew Zeitlin  

Work in progress

Information and collective action in the community monitoring of schools. Field and lab experimental evidence from Uganda.
with Abigail Barr, Frederik Mungisha, Andrew Zeitlin, Working Paper 

Workplace based health care for malaria: demand and impact on worker productivity and earnings
with Oladele Akogun, Andrew Dillon. Working paper

Does migration from a developing country to the UK increase immigrants’ risk of obesity?
with Girma Geye Dinsa, Marc Suhrcke. Working paper.

Malaria and productivity. Evidence from a firm based treatment programme
with Oladele Akogun, Andrew Dillon, Jed Friedman, Working Paper 


You can email me at p.serneels@uea.ac.uk