Supplemental Plan Packages for the Pietenpol AirCamper

 Welcome, the following is a list of all my Pietenpol drawings I did while building my

Pietenpol AirCamper project. I have flown her many hours with all of these design modifications to prove design integrity.

 So look through the list and pick what you think you would like to build into her knowing that its a

......... solid design.

Coming soon ...... New Items and pre-made parts to be added by years end, Keep watching for them!

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Steerable Tail-wheel

Designed just like
Bernie's spring design but with a steerable
wheel. Works great on grass or pavement.
Tough and durable, steers with separate cables.

Plan & Package with Blueprint's
Price .............$65.00

* Passenger Front Side Door

Having a hard time loading your friends in
for a trilling ride in your Piet, then you need
this door design. The door allows for easy
entrance to the front cockpit for your
passengers. My design is strong and simple
to build into the standard fuselage design
and does not distract from the beautiful look
of the Piet. Package includes very detailed
drawings and pictures.

Plan & Package with Blueprint's
Price .............$75.00

* For wood fuselage only.

No Gap 3-Piece Wing

This 3-piece wing design has only a 1/16th
of an inch gap between center section and
wing panels when assembled. No duct tape
that peels off or sheet metal fairing strips
with numerous screws to remove or put in.

This design allows you to disassemble the
two wing panels in minutes, by yourself, not
in hours, for garage storage. Design shows internal
aileron cable hook up with easy access for
dis-assembly. This one is a must if you are
limited in hanger or building space.

Plan & Package with Blueprint's
Price .............$75.00

I hope you understand why.

Thank you
very much for your order!
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on any of the item above.
 "Keep The Dream" .............. Keri-Ann

Composite Petrol Tank

Try your hand at
making this tank, very detailed drawings
and instructions. Build with site gauge or an
electric fuel gauge. Will not leak like welded
aluminum tanks.

Plan & Package with Blueprint's
Price .............$65.00

No Gap! No Tape! Ailerons

If you do no other changes to your
Pietenpol do this one! With a gap in your
ailerons your Piet will be very
un-controllable at low airspeed such as
landings and takeoffs. My No-Gap aileron
design is very simple and neat to build. No
more messing with duct tape which peels
off and has to be replaced. Very detailed
drawings, instructions and pictures. Makes
your Piet controllable right through stall
speeds, this is a must!

Plan & Package with Blueprint's
Price .............$65.00

Johnson AirSpeed Indicator



This is a scaled down version
of the famous Johnson Airspeed Indicator
that was use on many aircraft of the early

This Kit comes complete with all the parts, screws, decals
and Plans to make a fully functional working
Johnson Airspeed Indicator for your Pietenpol.

You will need to do is trim some plastic parts, assembly, paint,
apply decals and mount.

Kit is plastic and aluminum construction.
Is accurate within 20 to 70 MPH range.

You can see it mounted on my Piet in the picture above of the door photo.

NOTE: This is listed as EXPERIMENTAL and is not to be used as true Airspeed.

User/builder assumes all risk for its final usage.

Johnson AirSpeed Indicator Kit
Kit & Plans

Price .............$150.00

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Johnson Airspeed Indicator Kit
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Single MPH Transfer label 20 to 90 MPH
Johnson Logo Label

as shown above.
These are high quantity Dry Rub-on Transfers.

You get three (3) of each. $25.00
S&H for USPS Priority Mail
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