Welcome to Keri-Ann's Pietenpol Supplemental Plan Packages !

My Pietenpol built from the Flying & Glider Manual

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Keri-Ann's Plan Packages ..... NEW!  Johnson AirSpeed Indicator Kit available.

Keri-Ann's First Flight in her Piet

Keri-Ann's Build Pictures

You can contact me for questions at:

Ms. Keri-Ann Price
30 R.E.A Road
Northwood, NH 03261-4017

Email: Love2Fly.KAP@gmail.com

Please do pass this Web Site on to
other Pietenpol builders
if you like what you see.

..... thank you.

... a little bit about me.

Having a 4-year degree in
mechanical design engineering, I
have worked the last 20+ years in
the aviation power supply and
telecommunications field. Earned
my pilots license in 1973. Have
built and flown all types of model
aircraft for most of my life from
free flight to scale R/C. This
interest started with my Dad, the
late Edward L. Price, in our
hobby shop in Spotswood NJ.

My Dad was a leader in R/C model plane
building. He flew the first 1/4 scale plane
at Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome to the very
first ducted fans in a Me-262 R/C model.

With an overwhelming interest in
flying, I embarked on an 8-year
project of building my own airplane,
the Pietenpol AirCamper. As a long
time member of the Buckeye Pietenpol
Association my articles have
been featured in numerous
issues of the BPA newsletters
(under the name of Garry S.

In building my Pietenpol, I
have designed in some features
to help her fly from modern
airfields but, keeping true to the
original design.

All the plan packages I have to
offer have been done to my
Pietenpol and have numerous
hours of flight time on them as
proof of design and integrity.

So, thank you for your interest in the
supplemental plans I have
designed. I am always available
for questions concerning my
plans and how I went about
building the parts I offer through
E-mail. So look over the plans
and decide what you would like to
add or not, its up to you, but
remember whatever you do,

"never give up your dreams."

Blue skies and Sunshine,

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