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Fistful of LOD


Lead by Open Data movement, over 25 billion RDF triples (September 2010), are freely available to everyone. These open data about various domain may be of interest along with personal data in order to publish a more exhaustive information

This tool helps you to enrich an already existing web page content by retrieving more information on the Open Data. To do so, 

  • we first fetch some text information using X-Path on an existing HTML page;
  • we then use this input text in a SPARQL query upon any SPARQL endpoint;
  • we finally give the mean to inject HTML code in the source page.
As a result this tool show you what could be your web page if you were using the Open Data. This application can be especially useful to demonstrate the utility of using Open Data whatsoever to your superiors, colleagues or your students.

Using Open Data means that retrieved open data are coming from sources we do not have control on, therefore :
  • data are constantly evolving (which is a real asset);
  • data may be inconsistent since no control is done on open data (which is not really an asset !);
  • information fetched will dynamically evolved as your own data will.

Using Fistful of LOD

Along with this tool, you have access to two examples in music and chemical fields:

Music example: demonstrates Main Square music festival lineup enhanced using Dbpedia Open Data. Using band name, we query dbpedia's SPARQL endpoint for band picture, genres and abstract. Finally we insert those information in the web page.

Chemical example : demonstrates U.K. illegal active chemical substance list enhanced using Canadian DrugBank open data. After retrieving chemical substance name, we query drugbank SPARQL endpoint for substance formula.

Now you (or your students) !

You can play with this tool using the sandbox. Some exercises along with their solutions are available to you.
Pierre-Yves Vandenbussche,
13 Feb 2011, 09:24