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Pierre Soubourou

8, rue Louis Blanc
44600 Saint-Nazaire
+33 6 73 65 59 24
Skype: pierre.soubourou

nacionalidadeNationality: France
nascimentoBorn: April 22, 1980, in Saint-Nazaire, Loire-Atlantique, France
Situation: single

Voir le planning des coursEducation | Professional Experience | Hobbies

Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
Florianopolis-SC, Brazil
Sep. 2003 to Feb. 2004
Postgraduate university course in an international context during one semester. Specialization in Hygiene and Civil Engineering.
Fields of study: Civil Engineering, Soil Mechanics, Solid Waste Treatment, Hydraulics, Sea Hydrology, Health and Environment, Water Pollution Control, Atmospheric Pollution Control, Environmental Management, Dam Technology

Ecole des Mines de Nantes
Nantes, France
Equivalent to the international Master's degree. General engineering education, with a two-years specialization in nuclear technology. Scientific and practical education, with an industrial approach.
Fields of study: Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Automatics, Human Sciences

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
Lyngby, Denmark
One year of study through a university exchange program in an international context. Theoretical and scientific education in various domains of fundamental physics.
Fields of study: Plasma Physics, Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Physics, Health Physics and Radiation Instrumentation, Fluid Mechanics, Atomic Physics, Design and Analysis of Experiment, Economics

Preparatory class, PCSI
Aristide Briand High School, St-Nazaire, France
Preparatory Class : special class with intensive education to prepare for competitive entrance exams to top French engineering. Fields of study: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, English and French, Engineering Science, Industrial drawing
PCSI: Physics, Chemistry and Engineering

Diplôme du baccalauréatRésultats à l'épreuve de françaisRésultats à l'épreuve généraleHigh School - Baccalauréat
Aristide Briand High School, St-Nazaire, France
High School - Baccalauréat option S: French degree concluding high school, with scientific option. Grade: 14.1/20

Education | Professional Experience | Hobbies

Tractebel (GDF-Suez group), subcontracted Innovateam
Brussels, Belgium
Radiation Protection engineer
2015 (present)
Radiation protection calculations for Belgian projects : CFVS (depressurizing of NPP confinement designed from post-Fukushima analysis), LTO studies for Doel and Tihange NPPs.
Saint-Priest (Lyon), France
Safety Manager
2014, 8 months
Manager for Safety, overview and guidance of safety studies and reports, for the dismantling of nuclear facilities: dismantling of the IECDA workshops (buildings 115 and 127 of CEA in Marcoule).

Areva-TA (Areva group), subcontracted Alten
Villiers-le-Bâcle (Saclay site), France
Safety Engineer
2009-2014, 54 months
Technical coordinator for the design of a storage for Short-Lived, Low and Intermediate Level Waste in Lithuania (project B25, financed by the EBRD).
Technical assistant for safety analysis of equipments and procedures used for the dismantling of the Russian Gremikha submarine base (on account of CEA, financed by the G8).
Installation safety and design studies for the future SEPA2 uranium ore laboratory on Areva's site Bessines-sur-Gartempe.

TN International (Areva group), subcontracted Alten
St-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France
Criticality safety, radiation protection
2008, 14 months
Nuclear criticality-safety engineer: design of the storage and transport cask TN 24 E (21 UOX/MOX PWR fuel assemblies) for the German market. Request and analysis of criticality calculations, criticality studies according using the Burn-Up Credit methodology (actinides + fission products), correlation study between the French PF and HTC (IRSN, CEA) experiments thanks to both a parametric study and a TSUNAMI calculation, validation/comparison of codes: DARWIN, ORIGEN-TRIPOLI, APOLLO2-MORET4/SCALE5.1/SCALE6.

SGN (Areva group), subcontracted Alten
Cherbourg, France
2007, 18 months
Nuclear engineer in safety and radioecology: evaluation of the environmental impacts of leakages from la Hague reprocessing center for regulation compliance. Calculation of doses to the public from atmospheric and hydrogeologic leakages. Computer simulation using the codes: PERCEVAL, MERCURE, CESAR, ORIGEN.

Gatineau QC, Canada
Nuclear Technologies
2006, 12 months
Nuclear Technologies Manager: nuclear studies, nuclear instrumentation systems studies (detector response, ergonomics, testing), state-of-the-art studies, project development, dosimetry calculations, dosimetry studies, MCNP simulation, development of computer tools. International sale of scintillators, marketing and communication.

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
Vienna, Austria
Division of Safeguards Information Technology (SGIT), Section for Information Support Services (IIS)
2005, 12 months
Search of open source (Internet, commercial databases) documents to help investigate the compliance of countries with their commitments toward the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Investigations on specific countries for State Evaluation Report update.

confirmation d'emploi à l'IRSNInstitut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire (IRSN)
French National Institute for Radiation protection and Nuclear Safety
Le Vésinet, France
Service for Monitoring of the Environment and Intervention (SSEI), Stations and Networks Unit
2003, 6 months
Installation of a set of experiments, processing of resulting data: study of the origin and becoming of radioisotopes from medical origin present in the waste water of a medium-size community (city of Poitiers, France); validation of the Téléhydro probe (telemetry of gamma radiation in waste waters). Achievement: writing of a report submitted to the DDASS (Hygiene and Health administration) of Poitiers: conclusions of the study and advice for future actions.

confirmation d'emploi à RisøRisø National Laboratory
Roskilde, Danemark
Plasma Physics Department
2002, 3 months
Design of a software (using LabView) for the processing of data in a new microwave measurement antenna for the Tokamak TEXTOR in Jülich, Germany. Achievement: development of tools for the treatment of the antenna data, testing of devices, organization of the databases, design of the user interfaces.

confirmation d'emploi à Thomson MultimédiaThomson Multimédia
Angers, France
Service of Goods Reception and Storage
2000, 10 weeks
Standard operator work in a TV set manufacturer. Achievement: writing of a report about the post, catalogue of the operations and procedures, with an aim to subcontract the service.

Education | Professional Experience | Hobbies

Voir les compétences d'informatiqueComputer Science
Nuclear: MCNP (5 & X), Microshield, PERCEVAL, MERCURE, CESAR, ORIGEN, Geant4, SN1D
Science, engineering: LabView, Matlab, AutoCAD
Environments: Linux, MS Windows, Unix, Sun
Languages: C++, C, Java, Visual Basic, Haskell
Other: Internet, Office (included macros), webdesign

Voir les connaissances en languesLanguages
French: Mothertongue
English: fluent (1992: USA, 2002: Denmark, 2005: UN, 2006: Canada), IELTS: 8/9 ("Very Good User")
Portuguese: fluent (7 months in Brazil)
German: school level, with ease
Some knowledge in Swedish, Danish, Russian and Esperanto

Sports: Martial arts, running
Music instruments: Percussion, drums, various wind instruments

Additional Information
Car driver's license (international validity)
First-aid degree (French AFPS, last update: 2003)