Top Question's
1) Where is the closest grocery?
    There is a grocery store in eclectic that has most everything you would need. Ingram's is at 515 Kowaliga Road
    take right on AL 229, then left on 63 about 7 miles down the road on the right.
2) Where is the nearest Wal Mart?
    There is an older one in Tallasee, this is what they looked like when I was a kid.
    1302 Gilmer Avenue, Tallassee, AL
    left on AL 229 about 10.5 miles to Tallassee, Wal Mart's on the left.
3) Where is the Boat Launch?
    There is a launch at Anchor Bay Marina. From 4th retreat take a left on Castaway Isalnd Road(Co Rd 360)
    When you can see lake on both sides of the road, you are close. Take the next left and the launch is to the right.
    The entrance to that left is not at 90 degrees; be patient and wait until you can make the turn. Otherwise you will
    have to go to the end and turn around, which might be difficult with a big boat.
    Harbor Dock's Restaurant is also here - they have a burger/fries type menu.
    If the marina is open, this is the closest place to get gas on the water; they usually also have ice cream for the kids.

        Can I rent a boat?
            Yes, there are boats for rent at Kowaliga Marina. It is near Sinclair's (see below).
        Can I park my boat at your pier?
            Sure, there is plenty of room - here's a video of my boat there!

4) Where is the closest  convenience store?
    Eagle/D&S Quick Stop is on 229 on the right. They have eggs/bacon/gas/charcoal/beer/liquor etc.
    Nail's, however, has a better wine selection. They are also close - right on 229 then right on 63 fo .5 miles.
5) Where can we eat out?
    Sinclair's has an excellent menu. great appetizers. go right on 63 and they are on the left just before the bridge.
        turn onto that road and they are at the end, on the water.
        See the statue of Kowaliga.
    Niffer's - has a better burger/sandwich menu - from 360 take a left stay straight onto martin dam road stay on this
        about 11 miles until you get to al 49, go left niffer's is about 1.9 miles on the left.
    Chuck's Pizza/Marina - more fun to go by boat - but you can follow the same directions like you're going to
        Niffer's, stay on Martin dam road about 7.5 miles then left on centerpoint road for 1.4 miles then right onto marina road
    Cotton's B-B-Que - good ribs and sides but i don't like their sauce - we usually take it home and add our own
        left on 63, it's 3.5 miles on the right
    Catherine's Market at Russell Crossroads - they have a great deli/ specialty grocery.
        right on 63, then 4.8 miles, it's on the left.
The Springhouse Restaurant is also here. It is supposed to be upscale
        dining, steaks etc, we have not eaten there but hear good things. 
    There are also horseback riding, mountain biking, and walking trails there......     
        see russellcrossroads.com/trails.html
6) Where can we hike?
    Take Martin Dam road (Co 50). Just past the dam take a left onto Overlook drive. 1 mile up the road on the left is the
    Cherokee trail. Great views, bring water and food. It's a workout coming back up.
7) Where is the Hank William's Cabin?
    It's on the Children's Harbor property, which is on the right just before the Kowaliga bridge.
    Across the highway from Sinclair's.
8) Where can we go to mass/services?
    The Church in the Pines is located on the right on the same road as Sinclair's. Make sure you sit in the shade
     Catholic mass is Saturday at 6:00 p.m. Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.
    Non-denominational services are held each Sunday from 9:00 AM until 9:30 AM from Memorial Day Weekend
    through Labor Day Weekend and are moved to the children's chapel after the summer months.
    Inspirational guest pastors and soloists are invited to lead in the worship
    services where everyone is welcome. (see childrensharbor.com)
9) Where can I play golf?
    Stillwater's is the closest golf course. It's a pretty good course with great views of the lake.
    Take the Martin dam road (Co road 50) for about 8 miles to Co road 49. Go left.
    In about 3 miles on the left you will see    the entrance for the course. 
10) Learn to fly a seaplane?
     Check out  waterwings.com   They are based on the Lake.
11) Ride/watch motocross?
      Monster Mountain in Tallassee. see  monstermx.com
12) See something historic?
       Try Fort Toulouse/Jackson in Wetumpka. see forttoulouse.com
       or HorseShoe Bend National Park (War of 1812) north of Dadeville see nps.gov/hobe/index.htm
13)  Where is Chimney Rock, Acapulco Rock, Goat Island, Sand Island, Graveyard Island etc??? 
        Plan your adventures with this map  lakemartin.com/POI
14) Further away-
        Harpersville Drive In Movie about an hour away but lots of fun. make sure they are open 205-672-8484
        Auburn University - also about 1 hr - great museum - shopping - sporting events
Top Ten Things To Do at Lake Martin
1. swimming, boating, skiing
2. jump off chimney rock or chicken rock
3. picnic on an island
4. hike a trail
5. find a rope swing
6. bar-b-que
7. find the gold mine
8. get a pizza at Chuck's or appetizers at Sinclair's
9. see Hank William's cabin
10. rest and relax