Project - Borgwar

Struggle for life



Borgwar is a little "game" for developers. It allows making fight two bots controlled by two artificial intelligences. The two concurrent developers have to conceive the most intelligent bot to win the contest.

  • contains its own map editor
  • contains a fight simulator, with IA resolution at 10 ms
  • contains its own sprite engine with nice performances
  • contains its own map editor
  • is able to save and load maps from the disk (windows only)
  • proposes 4 weapons, more are coming
  • proposes 3 goodies, more are coming
  • should be compatible with unix systems (let me know if there is any problem)


sengarad - Vincent Briat - As a beginner teammate

pedro - Me,  developer of a CAD systems entitled CATIA (lead programmer)

Screen shots

Editor mode: It is possible to select the tools of the bottom palette, and then to paint on the map's grid.

Simulation mode: The bottom tools palette is replaced by statistics box and the two IA fights.

Simulation mode: The IA can display debug information. Bellow the view field, and detected objects are represented thanks to colored circles. 

IA view field video: borgwar-0.8.2-viewfield.avi 

  • Blue circles shows the cells that are visible from the IA location

IA pathfinding video: borgwar-0.8.2-pathfinding.avi

  • Yellow circles show the cells that has never been seen
  • Red circles show the inaccessible cells (including walls) 
  • The number display on each cell shows the distance to the target location in AI resolution frame 

Downloads the best so far version

Version history

Download the binaries for windows:

The binary package contains all you need to run borgwar on windows.  Just download, unzip and run the executable.

Download the sources: 

install the prerequisites, download, unzip andunr


The source package requires a few external downloads. Notice that a windows dependant library is used (i.e. pywin32 ) but the software is expected to work on every platforms with minor restrictions.



Take part in now!

  • If you want to develop a bot for this game, send it to me I will include it it the package.
  • If you want to contribute to this game feel free to contact me.
  • If you found a bug in this game, please let me know.