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The Fiber Cup now open!

posted Jul 16, 2010, 9:14 AM by Pierre Fillard
The Fiber Cup was initially set up as a tractography contest during the last MICCAI conference (2009).

The principle was to provide competitors with a common diffusion dataset with known ground truth, to collect the tractography results, and to evaluate them based on several metrics. The goal was to determine the tractography method which yields the best results!

The contest was quite a success so we decided to permanently open it for other contributions. The following couple of images show the ground truth (left) and the received contributions at MICCAI (right).

Today, anyone can download the dataset with the ground truth and evaluate him/herself the performance of his/her algorithm. Moreover, previously submitted results remain available online to always know what is the best method;-)

More on the Fiber Cub website!