Pierre Cahuc

Recent unpublished papers

Inefficient Short Time work, September 2017, with Sandra Nevoux. 

Taxation of Temporary Jobs: Good Intentions with Bad Outcomes?, December 2016, with Olivier Charlot, Franck Malherbet, Hélène Benghalem and Emeline Limon. Submitted. 

The effectiveness of Hiring Creditswith Stéphane Carcillo and Thomas Le Barbanchon, Revised April 2017, R&R Revue of Economic Studies. 

The cost of flexibility enhancing structural reforms. A literature review, with Tito Boeri and André Zylberberg, OECD Economic Department working paper n°1264, October 2015.

Explaining the Spread of Temporary Jobs and its Impact on Labor Turnover, with Olivier Charlot and Franck Malherbet, 2015.