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Artist Statement

    My pictorial research is based essentially on the analysis of color; either of that which is more easily visible and has a primary role in a chromatic ensemble, or of that which is less visible and which must be sought, but has an equally important role in such an ensemble.

    In my painting I only make use of the three primary colors: red, yellow, and blue, which I love to mix directly on canvas to obtain unique and unrepeatable tones that live only in each specific work.

    My works are not pictorial reproductions of real images, but rather feelings, memories of emotions lived at the time of observation and then re-lived intensely at the time I realized the paintings, with the help of notes, often quickly and without interruptions.

    In the works I've completed during the last few years, I've tried to express through color the emotions felt while observing a storm, a landscape, a cloud, the enormity of the sky, the sea, but even items of common use, such as a chair, a window, a bookshelf in our home which we may absent-mindedly "look at" every day, but of which we never really "see" details or colors.