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Hi all. I'm Italian, thus the main language of this site is Italian. But here you have a shorter English section.

The aim of this site is to spread some ideas coming from my experiences as teacher and researcher in the fields of pedagogy, eLearning and certifications.
In this area of the site you can find some articles and presentations in English or in other languages: something in Romanian, Hungarian, Turkish and Nepalese too :-)


I've been a teacher in a secondary school for many years. My first teaching experience is dated 1970 when I was still a student. After the laurea in Electronic Engineering I went on teaching - "Electrotechnology, "Electronics", "Automation", ICT, Organizatonal systems" -  in the Public Technical School till 2007.
At ITSOS "Marie Curie" in Cernusco, I have been involved in organising working experiences, students' exchanges with working experience abroad, post-diploma courses, teachers' training and o-line courses. I have taken part to many European projects, in some cases as co-ordinator.

At the moment:
  • I'm in the board of AICA (Associazione italiana per l'Informatica e il Calcolo Automatico) Milan section and I'm involved in AICA activities to promote the ICTs certifications,
  • I'm in the board of SIe-L (e-Learning ItalianSociety),
  • I co-operate with CIDI di Milano (a teacher association),
  • I co-operate with Laboratorio Tecnologie Educative of the Florence University,
  • I'm taking part in the following European projects:
o   Tenegen, www.tenegen.eu,
o   Ensemble, www.ensembleproject.eu,
o   Sloop2desc, www.sloop2desc.eu.

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