Memory and Cognition Laboratory (Dr. Benton Pierce)

The Memory and Cognition Laboratory does research in three primary areas:

Memory distortion: Memory distortion refers to remembering events differently from how they occurred or remembering
events that did not happen.  The lab's research focuses in particular on how monitoring processes can be used to reduce memory

Emotion and memory: The lab's research focuses on how emotion affects the binding of multiple items into a coherent
memory. In addition, the lab is examining how emotion affects the development of false memories.

Testing and memory: The lab is engaged in exploring how intermediate testing (i.e., retrieval practice) can help or hinder performance
on studied materials. This research explores the Testing Effect and has particular importance for students.

The Memory and Cognition Lab is beginning to expand its areas if interest to include examining the above described focuses

to research with older adults. We are also interested in helping students develop research projects in these or related areas.

Students who are interested in working in the Memory and Cognition Lab or in having Dr. Pierce chair a thesis or dissertation project should contact him at You are not required to work in the lab if Dr. Pierce is your adviser or chair. However, you will have the lab as a resource for collecting data.