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  • Pierce County is the second most populous county in the U.S. state of Washington. Formed out of Thurston County on December 22, 1852, by the legislature of Oregon Territory , it was named for U.S. President Franklin Pierce. As of 2009, the population was 796,836.
  • one of several resident of a dwelling (especially someone confined to a prison or hospital)
  • A person confined to an institution such as a prison or hospital
  • One of several occupants of a house
  • convict: a person serving a sentence in a jail or prison
  • inpatient: a patient who is residing in the hospital where he is being treated
  • roll: a list of names; "his name was struck off the rolls"
  • A list of names, usually for an organization of some kind such as military officers and enlisted personnel enrolled in a particular unit; a muster roll; or a sports team, with the names of players who are eligible to be placed in the lineup for a particular game; A list of the jobs to be done by
  • A list of members of a team or organization, in particular of athletes available for team selection
  • A list or plan showing turns of duty or leave for individuals or groups in an organization
  • A roster can be a list of people and the times when they are required to work or a list of students in a classroom.
pierce county inmate roster
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Baseball in Tacoma-Pierce County (Images of Baseball)
Baseball in Tacoma-Pierce County (Images of Baseball)
The Tacoma-Pierce County area has enjoyed a rich tradition of baseball from the sandlot beginnings in 1874, to the first professional game at the "Eleventh Street Ball Grounds" in 1890, to the "100 Day Wonder" known as Cheney Stadium, which was opened in the spring of 1960. While Tacoma has laid claim to six Pacific Coast League championships since the 1904-1905 season, it was the players who competed in the City, Valley, Sunset, Community, Timber, Commercial, Industrial, and Shipbuilders leagues that formed the backbone of the sport. Among notables that have dotted local rosters or competed in the major leagues are Ron Cey, "Indian" Bob Johnson, Mike Blowers, Jon Lester, Steve Whitaker, and Doug Sisk, as well as Baseball Hall of Famers Walter Johnson, Joe McGinnity, Juan Marichal, Gaylord Perry, and Willie McCovey.

Pierce County WI Courthouse
Pierce County WI Courthouse
Pierce County WI 2012 The Pierce County Courthouse is a historic governmental building in Ellsworth, Wisconsin, United States. Built in 1905, the courthouse sits on the edge of Ellsworth's business district. Built on a raised foundation of sandstone, it features elements of both the Beaux-Arts and the Neoclassical styles of architecture. Among the distinctive elements of its construction are a large hexagonal dome and multiple Ionic columns. In 1982, the Pierce County Courthouse was listed on the National Register of Historic Places, qualifying because of its historically significant architecture.
Pierce County, Wisconsin Courthouse
Pierce County, Wisconsin Courthouse
Pierce County, Wisconsin Courthouse. (Ellsworth, WIsconsin)
pierce county inmate roster
Pierce County, Georgia (Images of America (Arcadia Publishing))
Pierce County, Georgia was founded in 1857, honoring the fourteenth President of the United States, Franklin Pierce. Blackshear, which became the county seat, was founded in 1859 and named after David Blackshear, an American Revolutionary soldier, brigadier general of the Creek Indian War, and later Georgia politician. Shortly after the establishment of the county and its seat, the tenacity of its residents was tested against the horrors and hardships of the Civil War. YYThe men of Pierce County faced with both bravery and uncertainty the greatest challenge of their lives, while the women and children they left behind toiled to sustain the community, with the hope that their loved ones would return. After the war, Pierce County families joined together to re-build their community, which was nearly destroyed in its infancy. The late nineteenth century brought growth and change, as a determined citizenry built new homes, churches, and schools to nourish and educate its young. From the abundant green pines and beautiful white sands of Southeast Georgia arose enterprising businesses and a successful agricultural economy. Residents of the county kept their eyes toward the future while always honoring and remembering the sons and daughters they lost through the ages. The proud faces of generations past and the tangible results of their pioneering efforts to build a home fill the pages of this treasured volume. YY