Welcome to my personal webpage!

I am  a Swiss National Science Foundation postdoctoral fellow at  University College London.   I earned  my Ph.D. in Economics from Università della Svizzera italiana in 2016. During my PhD I spent some time at Boston College.   I  am also affiliated to the Dondena Gender Initiative, Bocconi University.

My main research areas are Public Economics,  Labor Economics, Economics of Aging, and Gender Economics.


IIPF Annual Congress, Tampere, August 21-23
SSES Annual Congress, St. Gallen, June 14-15
PAA Annual Meeting, Denver, April 26-28
Annual Conference of the Italian Society of Public Economics, Catania, September 21-22
European Economic Association Annual Congress, Lisbon, August 21-25
CEMIR Junior Economist Workshop on Migration Research, Munich, June 16-17
SSES Annual Congress, Lausanne, June 8-9
Royal Economic Society Annual Conference, Bristol, April 10-12
YSEM, Zurich, February 16-17
Alp-Pop Conference, La Thuille, January 15-18