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on Grugyn Silverbristle 3 or 4 times, written during 2009 (after i reread material found on the net in 2001 .. by which time he was already gone, and after going for more),

 then pieces from the 20th and 23th of januari of this year after i run into C Cobb someplace.
He blogs here:

 the attachment is 'color consequentialized and consistenticated'*:
black is for recent additions (intros), dates are in white (last ones in red), quotes in magenta.

* - that phrase is trademarked ...
it's too much work to tweak the attachment so it shows properly here ... like i did in the previous post .. but that one uses only a single text colour

 .... if google would apply the preferred template colours to the compostion and management pages also/at least, i might work here a little more .... but whenever i try i am put off by the obstinate obdurate obsessive whitout ...  to me that is too reminiscent of harshest, ill filtered, let alone gratefully received sunlight  ... and the ice-age threatening from our failure to convert all too free carbon to compost and multi-millenial treetrunks (there's an economics analogy in there somewhere)

comments can be posted at .. but i don't check very often ... for mentioned reason.
Piety Piet duh Pious Poet,
4 feb. 2011 09:02