books for sale


2000 - 2002 editions - in exceptional cases a few years earlier

see 'books i hope to sell you for a black on white version of same (except next blurb):

the prices in the third columns were the new price at the time, .. second hand books are still half off i assume but non-profit community centres and libraries will get them anywhere from for an extra 15% off to free. The latter applies to places that manage to invite and convince me that they are a good home for the other half of my library also, which together with my manuscripts and many a rare gem i consider priceless).

1 -- right inside top

soft-cover--- non-fiction -- (whole (not torn)

Virgin book of baby names Emily Wood  
Auto da Fay Fay Weldon  
Churchill, an unruly life Norman Rose  
Feel the fear ... and beyond Susan Jeffers  
Brewer's Phrase and Fable    
NLP workbook Joseph O'Connor 2x one torn wo covers
Life Strategies Workbook Dr. Phil 2x
Police Training Manuel Jack and Brian English  
Age Power Leslie Kenton  
Hitman Wendy Clarkson  
Men are from Mars, women are from Venus John Gray 4x
The complete how to figure it Darrell Huff  
Anthony Blunt His Lives Miranda Carter  
Georgina, Duches of Devonshire Amanda Foreman  
Confidence in just 7 days Ros Taylor  
Cellulite my Arse Shonah Walker  
New Student Dictionary    
Diaries into politics Alan Clark  
Daughters of Brittania Katie Hickman  
You own the power Rosemary Altea  


2 -- right inside middle
hard-cover ----- fiction --- untorn

Emerald Germs of Ireland Patrick McCabe  
Coastlines Joanne Harris  
Bettany's book Thomas Keneally  
Minority Report P K Dick 3x
The king of torts John Graham 2x
Oxygen Andrew Miller  
The Jarrow Lass Janet Macleod Trotter  
Bilbo's last song JR Tolkien  
Everything's eventual Stephen King  
Pure dead wicked Debi Gliori  
Basket Case Carl Hiaasen  
Fatal Voyage Kathy Reichs  
City of bones Michael Connely  
Vagabond Bernard Cornwell  
Gallows Thief ' ......'  
Salmon of doubt Douglas Adams 2x
Crow Lake Mary Lawson  


3 -- right inside bottom
hard cover - - non-fiction ---- undamaged

My autobiography murray walker  
the microsoft file wendy goldman rohm  
diamond matthew hart  
nature via nurture matt ridley 3x -- cover torn from spine
21 leaders for the 21st century trompenaars and hampden - turner  
design for a life patrick bateson & paul martin  
tom jones the biography robin eggar  
rory & ita roddy doyle  
Dale - My story dale winton  
the international ombudsman year book vol 3 1999  
rescuing the spectacled bear stephen fry 3x
just for the record geri halliwell 3x
the cage tom abraham  
moving beyond words gloria steinem  
critical dictionary of film and television theory edited by roberta e pearson and peter simpson  
the unexpected legacy of divorce    


4 --- outside left bottom
paperbacks ---- fiction ---- torn
back, front or both covers as well as text portions missing -

the light stone david zindell new price (np): 8 P.
the decameron boccacio - starts with the translator's introduction CXXIX
once and future king t h white euro 20.40
the pillars of the earth ken follett  
darkest fear    
IT Stephen King page 397-1116 (first 4th missing)
novel on churchill and Burgess michael dobbs starts p. 13 - np 13.95
a tale on the british security service    
the olive season   starts page 9
minority report philip K dick hard cover
the rice mother rani manica hard cover, breaks off page 436
fellowship of the ring tolkien I-XII missing
fellowship of the ring tolkien notes and foreword missing


5 -- outside left middle
Soft-cover --- fiction ---- with flaws
the first 2 undamaged non fiction --- the rest damaged (front covers missing)
the pound was worth 2 euro at this time in book-trader terms

Before the knife carolyn slaughter memoir of a white childhood in africa
rosalind franklin - dark lady of DNA brenda maddox  
intimacies lisa jackson over 11 euros
blackberry wine joanne harris 14 euro
deadly love b d joyce 11 euro
aka jane  maureen tan - 2x 22 euro
high hopes billy hopkins 15 euro
ginger snaps delorys welch-tyson 15 euro
not dark yet nick maes 14 euro
classic satire of diarying grossmith  
memoir of a byzantine eunuch christopher harris 10 Pounds
clara janice galloway 14 euro
the jupiter myth lyndsey davis  
standing in the rainbow fannie flagg 14 euro
nobody in particular cherry simmonds 14 euro


6 -- inside left top
paperbacks ---- non-fiction --- gaaf (good nick)
first 4 are computer titles, then 6 on the balkan, the rest is mixed

Aether Madness Gary Wolf - Michael Stein 1995
Adobe Illustrator 9.0 classroom in a book 70 euro
CJV information processing chinese, japanese, korean and vietnamese computing 75 euro - first 3 sheets missing
Understanding Computer Science Ray Bradbury 45 euro - 727 pages
the struggle for the croatian state Sdravko tomac hard-cover
red horizons ion pacepa 1998 -- 6 pounds
the death of yugoslavia laura and alan little  
war crimes in bosnia-herzegovina helsinki watch  
jasenovac myth - tudjman's genocide against serbs, jews and gypsies dr milan bugalic 1994
balkan forum vol 2 1994  
The Moses Legacy graham phillips 20 eruo
natural aphrodisiacs phiona marshall  
guide to aromatherapy marguerite maury  
econoguide canada 2000    
nostradamus and his prophecies edgar leoni french and english - 40 euro
summer jobs abroad   2000
sexual teens, sexual media 17 contributors US 4 sheets missing
Nature notes III Peter Brookes political cartoonist of the Times
Hands of light barbara ann brennan 20 pounds - 24 dollars
thirst nigel slater colour photos coloured letters - 26 euros
state of the world 2001 lester brown 24 euro
Sir Elton Philip Norman 17 euro


7 -- inside left middle
paperback ------ fiction - ----- ok state

handmade's tale Margaret Atwood 14 euro
sister of my heart C B Divakaruni 14
the gift of stones Jim Grace 7 Pounds
corum, the prince in the scarlett robe michael moorcock 15 euro
no one thinks of greenland john griesemer 16 euro
dune  frank herbert 8 pounds
man and wife -- one for my body tony parsons 7 pounds and 15 pounds
something leather alisdair gray 6 pounds
ghosts john banville 6 pounds
gallows thief bernard cornwell 13 pounds
thief of time terry pratchett  
decipher Stel Parlou 14 euro
the medici dagger cameron west 14 euro
the summer that never was peter robinson 7 pounds
the road to jerusalem jan guillou 22 euro
one step behind mankell -- 2x 22 euro
dead sleep greg iles 19 euro
sharpe's prey bernard cornwell 20 euro
the hanging garden ian rankin  
strip jack    
angela's ashes Frank McCourt  
horses keith ridgway -- 4x 5 pounds


8 -- inside left bottom
hard-cover ---- non-fiction --- damaged

alfred c kinsey james h jones 110 guilders - cover torn from spine jeff papows 33 euro - 2 sheets missing
hidden value o'reilly . pfeffer 2 sheets, dust jacket and front cover missing
weapons of mass destruction robert hutchinson 35 euro -- 6 sheets torn out
the electronic b@zaar robin bloor  
rory and ita roddy doyle no dust jacket, 5 sheets missing
wellington richard holmes 40 euro -- 4 sheets missing
the years of Lyndon johnson robert a caro 57 euro -- front cover gone
a project by project approach to quality richard capper front cover torn loose
my autobiography murray walker 2nd and 3rd copy, first 7 sheets missing, no dust jacket on 2, no dust jacket and front cover missing on 3
forgotten voices of the great war max arthur covers gone
creating wealth lester thurow front cover and dust jacket gone
may the circle be unbroken lynn c franklin no dust jacket
rebels and redcoats hugh bicheno covers an jacket gone
twelve cities roy jenkins illustrated - cover torn loose, no dust jacket


9 - outside left middle
paperback ---- non-fiction --- both covers missing (exceptions bracketed)

underworld graham hancock 2002 - 2x, one has 14 pages missing
britons forging the nation linda cathy 2003
nlp o'connor - mcdermott 1994 - xv-180 only
fear busting   page 5-index up to C
the real witches' handbook   ix - end (197)
st augustine's confessions   6 pounds
when life changes carol adrienne 2x -- p 21-end and p35-index up to U
1st WW   4x4 glossy sheets w black and white photos
? - partnering advice book chapter 3: falling in love for all the wrong reasons  
the new spaniards   1994
the compete rules ? - a dating rule book v-288
from the land of green ghosts pascal khoo thwe 2002 letters to Cambridge from the land of elongated female necks
marie antoinette    
return of the urban warrior barefoot doctor 26 euro
first-time europe the rough guide only back cover missing
the best baby name book louise nicholson only back cover missing
managing anger   xiii-194 - index up to C
the man that changed the world simon winchester  
georgina duchess of devonshire ? xi-458 - index to L (3 sheets missing), 2x: i-xvi
marie queen of scots ? - 2x 1stx: 9 sheets missing, 2ndx: 696-758 missing
the hunt for bin laden ? - 2x 35--358 and 39 - 384
disc-world glossary ? 13-250
who owns the sky peter barnes up to p118
the first day on the somme martin middlebrook 1971


10 -- outside right bottom
paperback ---- fiction -- undamaged
REVERSAL: author ---------------- title --------------- specs

Thomas McGuane The cadence of grass 22 euro - 237 pages
Rose Tremain --- 2x The swimming pool season --- The colour 14 euro
Philip K Dick --- 2x Minority Report 6 pounds
Jeffrey Archer The burma legacy 7 pounds
Bernard Schlink Flights of love 13 euro
Sheri S Tipler Grass 15 euro
Judith Pinhey The music of love christian aphorism - 98 pages - 4 pounds - 1990
mervyn peake gormenghast  
warriors of the raven   11 euro
3 in on set Maeve Binchey 1996 - 10 pounds
Paul Eddy Mandrake 20 euro
jonathan kellerman flesh and blood 22 euro
faye kellerman stone kiss 22
jilly cooper pandora 22
  Castles made of sand 20
B Herbert & K J Anderson legends of dune 22
Michael Crespy Head Hunters 10.55 - socio prof Montpellier - 261 pages - largish print - beaut cover
Kevin Meyers Banks of green willow 15
Adriana Trigani Big stone gap 7 Pounds
Douglas Coupland All famillies are psychotic 5 copies
Christopher Brookmyre One fine day in the middle of the night back cover missing
Jane Smiley Horse Heaven back cover missing
Johhn Irving The world according to Garp 8 pounds


11 -- right outside middle
soft-cover --- fiction --- back covers missing

Douglasa Adams hitch-hikers guide - the original radio scripts 2x - just torn, nothing missing
Jack Karouac on the road  
Flaubert madame bovary  
Christopher Brookmyre boiling a frog  
Clive James always unreliable front CM
Eoin Colfer Artemis Fowl  
William Woodruff The road to Nab End  
Charles Bukowski women  
Arita Diamant The Red Tent  
George Eliot Middle March 1994
Robin Hobb The liveshiptraders book II front CM - 15 euro - 1999
George Eliot Silas Marner  
Jonathan Swift Gulliver's travels  
Oscar Wilde The picture of Dorian Gray  
Beowulf -  michael alexander -a verse translation  
Leo Tolstoy Anna Karenina  
Herman Melville Moby Dick 3x

daniel defoe ---- robinson crusoe
alexandre dumas --- the 3 musketeers
george eliot ---- the mill on the floss
last 11 books are Penguin Classics

12 -- outside right top
soft cover --- fiction ---- back covers missing

p d james the murder room 3x
iris murdoch the green knight  
katherine mansfield the garden party and other stories a lass from New Zealand
Roald Dahl going solo  
charles handy killer in the rain  
clive cussler fire ice  
anabel giles birthday girls  
simon armitage little green men  
charlotte bronte jane eyre  
elizabeth ann scarborough the godmother's web  
sir arthur conan doyle shakespeare complete  
ursula le guin the earthsea quartet  
william trevor after rain  
l m montgomery anne of ingleside  
juliet marillier wolfskin  
kyril bonfiglioli all the tea in china  
nomi eve  the family orchard  
leslie pearse till we meet again  
robert graves count belisarius  
malcolm pryce aberystwyth  


13 --- under anglo-loose counter cultural stuff
soft-cover -- non-fiction -- back cover missing

iris - a memoir of I murdoch john bayley  
stupid white men michael moore 7x
toujours provence peter mayle  
eminent victorians lytton strachey  
superman's song - the story of Crash Test Dummies Stephen Ostick  
The globalization myth alan shipman 2x
the consolation of philosophy boethius 3x -- 1999
bass culture lloyd bradley  
the olive farm carol drinkwater  
j k rowling sean smith  
live right 4 your type dr peter j d'amato  
time out - film guide 2002   fat book
IBM and the holocaust edwin black  
your baby & child penelope leach 1997 - 3rd edition
the undutchables colin white front cover torn, back one ok
marie queen of scots antonio fraser stops page 706, front cover loose
the past in hiding mark roseman  

2 boxes full of Tolkien book:

one box full of tolkien books downstairs

19x part 3, 7 pounds new --- 26x part 2, 7x the three parts in one, 22 euro

  1. hard-cover ----- non-fiction ---- almost all undamaged
a thousand pieces of gold adeline yen mah 30 euro - 2002
god's story jan mark - david Parkins  
final days (on SU) Gracher no dust jacket
A Durable Peace Netanyahu  
how they stole the game david yallop no dj - 2x - One of them has pages to 13 torn out
java man  swisher - curtiss - lewin 2x
the political animal jeremy paxton  
ready, steady, go shawn levy on london cool
alcohol and sport stainback  
the voice of modern hatred nicholas fraser eu new right - large print
explanatory patterns schank  
frontline nurse eric taylor  
the dreyfuss affair zola 1996 206p - 96 guilders
integrative medicine phalen 1998 - no dust jacket
second impressions barbara kaye about oop books - 35 $
the anti-egotist paul fussell on K Amis
repertory of the homeopathic materia medica james tyler kent 1993 - pages up to xxx torn out
Jolly Green giant David Bellamy 2x
Jackie ethel joan J Randy Taraborrelli 22$ - 62 Guilders
a future for the excluded Raff Carmen & Miguel Sobrado  

  1. hard cover --- fiction ---- undamaged – largish print
- almost half of these have a feltpen squigle across the edges of pages
everything's eventual stephen king 35 euro
the king of torts john grisham 17£ - 28 euro
Once James Herbert 2x - bl dj and wh dj
the resurrectionists Michael collins 13£ - 26 euro
now you see me leslie glaister  
barry trotter michael gerber  
shroud john banville  
someone to watch over me paul wilson  
rainbow six tom clancy 28$
first of the true believers paul charles  
tales from earthsea ursula le guin  
liberation day andy mcnab mouse damage on corner of spine - 17£
high society ben elton mouse damage on dust jacket
night watch terry pratchett 18£ - 6 euro off
sons of fortune jeffrey archer 18£
the summer that never was peter robinson 13£
the congress of rough riders john boyne 13£


soft-cover --------- fiction ------- undamaged
includes many proof (p) copies

hunting unicorns bella pollen 15 euro - (p)
all families are psychotic douglas coupland 15 euro
people in the dark marjorie leet ford 11£ - (p)
sophisticated boom boom john kelly 13£ - (p)
the seal wife kathryn harrison multiple copies - 22 euro
the years of rice and salt kim stanley robinson 2x - 15£
the veil of a thousand tears eric van lustbader 14£
thief of time terry pratchett 15 euro
the grim reaper bernard knight
in the presence of the enemy eliyabeth george
the unburied charles palliser 15 euro
popular tales of the west highlands j f campbell 54 guilders
the fall of light niall williams 15 euro
into the forest jean hegland 20 euro - 1998
behaving like adults ana maxted 7£ - (p)
stumpy niall griffiths 10£ - (p)
the hamilton case  michelle de kretser 11£ - (p)
earth & ashes atiq rahimi (afghani) 52 pages large print
whole apples jonathan carroll 11£ - (p)
the death of sweet mister daniel woodrell 15£
banks of green willow kevin myers
the medici dagger cameron west
the garden of kyoto kate walbert
geisha of gion mineko iwasake 17£
possessive possession ekeoma o 11$
somewhere, home nada awar jarrar 13£ - (p)
my lover's lover maggie O'Farrell 7£ - (p)
a party in san niccolo christopher kent
schindler's ark thomas keneally 16 euro
some bitter taste magdalen nabb 10£ - (p)
the one to watch shane watson - (p)
the lost army of cambyses paul sussman 22 euro
a distant shore caryl phillips 16£ - (p)


hard-cover --- non-fiction ----- mix of whole and damaged

the much lamented death of madam geneva patrick dillon  
rigoberta manchu stoll guatamala - no dj
patriots richard weight 25£
the end of change scott-morgan - hoving - smit- vd slot 25$ - w dj but covers gone
the cloud garden tom hart dyke & paul winter 13£ - front c torn loose
the cage tom abraham  
impossible love  roman frister 20£ - 40 euro
the last diaries alan clark 20£ - 40 euro
diaries into politics alan clark 20£ - 40 euro
white mughals william dalrymple 20£ - 40 euro
rebels and redcoats hugh bicheno 38euro - covers gone but with dj
sadam the secret life con coughlin 20£ - front cover torn loose
naked instinct frank sanello no dust jacket
database nation   no dust jacket
bots andrew leonard hardwired
the future does not compute stephen l talbott 79 guilders - first 4 sheets missing
barbarians led by Bill Gates edstrom and eller 60 guilders
jolly green giant david bellamy 33 euro - 2x


soft-cover --- fiction --- good shape

if my father loved me rosie thomas 13£ - (p)
falling angels tracy chevalier 15£ - 2x
one for my baby tony parsons 15£
a child's book of true crime chloe hooper 15£
the nautical chart arturo perez-reverte 13£
the tie that binds kent haruf 3x
good harbor anita diamant 11£
a secret life esther rantzen 13£ - (p)
paradise fields katie fforde 10£
masterpiece of deception judy lester  
the last jet engine laugh ruchir joshi 13£
separation of powre vince flynn  
the corrections jonathan franzen  
the alchemist paulo coulho 17euro - 5x
saints of big harbour lynn coady 11£ - (p)
the girl who played go shan sa 13£ - (p)
the welcoming commitee imogen de la bere 10£ - (p)
sweeping changes gary thorpe  
the question of bruno aleksandar hemon  
four letters of love niall williams 2x
china alan wall 11£ - (p)
marlene dietrich lived here eleanor bailey - (p)
isolde rosalind miles 22 euro
the dive from clausen's pier ann packer 11£
a million tears II paul henke 42 guilders - 24 franken - large print

soft-cover - non fiction - damaged

the test of tie   2 pages per author (48) on the book canon
an imagined world june goodfield on immune reactions
staying off the beaten track   front portion up to page 15 missing
the color of truth kai bird 22 euro - begins w p39
it's not about the bike lance armstrong 18 euro - front cover missing
capital and freedom milton friedman 18 euro - front cover missing
Indonesia bill dalton 38 euro - front c m
web site construction simplified ian sinclair 7£ - 30 guilders
fire  sebastian junger 15 euro
a witch alone marian green 20 euro
the climb anatoli boukreew
a small place in italy eric newby 16 euro
lions don't need to roar h a benton 13$ - management
african diary bill bryson 17 euro
my turn norman wisdom 14 euro
my story david pelzer 11£
fortress malta james holland (hard) covers gone - w photos (4x4sheets
before the knife carolyn slaughter 14£ - african childhood - front cover missing
rosalind franklin dark lady of dna brenda maddox 16 euro - fcm
biography of a germ arno karlen back cover missing
just for the record geri halliwell 16 euro - w photos
kiss & tell gordon gg gebert 20$ - 51 guilders - 23 euro - front cover missing
a history of continental italy paul ginsborg back cover missing
a history of scotland j d mackie  
a book on the 1st WW martin gilbert 29 euro - 616 pages - fcm - 4x4 sheets w photos
just quit belinda grant vingas 20 euro - fcm
5 past midnight in bhopal lapierre moro 17 euro - fcm
healing ways robin kelly 17 euro - starts p 25