Cleek's Disemvoweller/pie filter for Balloon Juice is great, but only runs under greasemonkey for firefox.  Somebody asked for a port to chrome, so here it is.

When Chrome asks if you wish to continue, click the button in the status bar at the bottom of the browser. Then the install button in the pop up.

You’ll then need to configure it. Click the wrench menu, and then extensions. It should be in the list there. Click options. Pick an abuse method, and add a name or two to the badguy list. Yell at me if you have trouble.


Mod Word Checker
This is a greasemonkey script that compares your comment to the spam words list on balloon-juice.com. Pops an alert with the word detected, and positions the cursor at the start of it. Let me know how it works.


New Version!

Adds in Monkeyboy's fix to bring the reply button back.  Get it here.

New for 21/12/09!  LGF filter included in the same extension.

Note:  think I've found an avoidable bug.  When you add the bad guys to the list, make sure you don't have leading or trailing spaces.  I'll fix it in the next day or two, but if somebody is still showing up after you filtered them, check that.

Fixed no trim bug mentioned above.  

New version for balloon-juice's new look!
Version is current.

It is possible to run Cleek's original greasemonkey version if you install the Tampermonkey extension.  The main advantage of the native chrome version is the UI.  It allows easy adding and removing of badguys without editing the source. Baddies list is stored using html5 storage.