Located in Spartanburg, SC, the Piedmont chapter of the National Audubon Society focuses on birds, other wildlife, and the ecosystems that support them. Whether you go afield to find birds, enjoy them from your armchair, or have a broad interest in the natural world, you will find a warm welcome. Please join us!


When: 4th Thursday at 7:30 p.m., September through April (except November and December)

Where: St. Francis Episcopal Church, 601 Webber Road, Spartanburg, SC

Current Officers

President: Lyle Campbell, lcampbell@uscupstate.edu

Vice-President: Sarah Campbell, sccampbe@uscupstate.edu

Treasurer: J. B. Hines

Webmaster: Carole Anderson, carole743@gmail.com

Field Trip & Count Coordinator: Lyle Campbell, lcampbell@uscupstate.edu

Education: Ingrid Norris

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If your group is interested in a presentation on any aspect of birds and bird-friendly habitat, please contact Carole Anderson (carole743@gmail.com).