What is a Picture Walk?
  • an introduction to a book 
  • used before reading the text
  • a group conversation about the book
  • used as a comprehension strategy
  • also known as a Book Orientation

Why use a "Book Orientation" like this?
  • students activate prior knowledge 
  • vocabulary is discussed 
  • interactive discussion about the illustrations and some text
  • predictions are made
  • will provide a better understanding and recall of what is read

What Age Group is appropriate?
  • every reader at any age will benefit from this activity
What type of subject matter works best?
  • ANY!!! 
  • informational text - comprehension will increase

What experiences/readings precede this activity? 
  • none - this is the prereading activity to introduce the new story

How well do children need to read to participate in a Book Orientation?
  • any level 
  • this is an interactive discussion of the story's contents, including headings, text, illustrations, vocabulary, etc.

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