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Expecting Mother
*Private Session's ~~ $40.00 (includes 2 breakouts)  

*Add add
itional Breakout Session's (GREAT VALUE!) - Add a breakout session to your family session to get portraits of "just the kids" or "mom & dad" or any other combination that is important to you and your family for only a fraction of the cost of a separate session.~~A $5.00 additional fee for each breakout session

All pr
ices include 1 location & 2 clothing changes, additional fee's for The Ultimate Portrait's includes additional clothing changes and more locations ask for details!

2 changes of clothes
1 Location
38-40 poses

*Traditional~ $60.00
1 Breakout Sess
4 Changes of Clothes
2 Locations
58-60 poses

*Deluxe~ $80.00

2 Breakout Sessions
6 Changes of Clothes
3 Locations
78-80 Poses

*All quotes Subject to change

Host a Picture Party and get a discount!

There isn't a better way to have portraits done.  No more restless children waiting in line for their turn in front of the camera!  Have me come to your home where they're comfortable. Or we can go outdoors!   Invite your friend's and families over and you'll get a discount on your order. 
Each family will receive a private 20 minute portrait session. 

Non Refundable Sitting Fee of $5.00 per session  (redeemable off the purchase of your CD)

Host a party totaling 4 families and receive 20% off the cost of your  CD.

Have 3 families purchase their CD you get yours FREE!

Host a party totaling 5-6 families and receive 25% off the cost of your CD.

Have 5 or more families purchase their CD get your CD FREE and 20% off a future Session.

Features include:
Instant Proofing - On screen viewing after the party (scheduled as soon as the next day)
Instant Ordering - Order CD and receive it immediately for one
small fee you receive the rights to your portraits.

CD's are $35.00 each (includes the $5.00 Sitting Fee Discount)--CD's Must be ordered within 5 days from the Party Date After the Party date the Cost of the CD's are $40.00 Each

Each session generally yields 30-48 pictures which are then available for purchase and burned on CD. Please email me at lwinter@internet-usa.net  for an appointment or if you have any questions.