Web Publishing

We have undertaken two web publishing projects to date each with a strong historical bias. The idea behind both is to show how the web can be used to present original works and manuscripts in a context that makes their use and importance clear to the reader.

Adam Easton - a mediaeval study

The work we have done on the 14th century cardinal, Adam Easton, is both historical biography and a project on access to historical records. We have accumulated a number of transcriptions and translations of texts relating to Adam Eas

ton and have used them to tell his life story. However it also forms an online corpus of work that would not be readily available to scholars in electronic format. The texts are transcribed from an array of libraries across Europe. Presented in easy to access chronological blocks, this method is designed as a template for future educational projects. It is we should stress, very much a work in progress.


If you'd like to take a look at the format - follow this hyperlink:Cardinal Adam Easton

Somersham - The Electronic Village Project
Our Somersham website was an exercise in building an electronic village history. By combining local history research, a collection of original source documents about the village, a novel online presentation of the history of an English village came to life. Each item is presented, in context, to make it usable to both historians and local people alike.
Take a look: Somersham Village