piCorePlayer is a very system (piCore linux) which is running in RAM, and is not writing to the sd-card. Therefore, it is very robust and will not corrupt your sd-card even so you can simply cut the power without any risk of corruption of the system.

piCorePlayer can be used in three ways:

1. As a Squeezebox player that connect to your existing Logitech Media Server (LMS). (See how-to here-work in progress)

2. As a LMS server (See how-to here - work in progress)

3. A combined LMS server and Squeezebox player.  

It is very small about 55 MB in total including the OS (microcore linux). It boots very fast, already 10-15 sec after you power on, then your piCorePlayer will be found in the Logitech Media Server control panel. After booting everything is running from RAM so there is no writing to the SD-card and therefore no risk of corruption of your card - just pull the power if you need to. It is possible to synchronize  the piCorePlayer to other Squeezebox devices.

Included in piCorePlayer:
1. Microcore linux
2. Squeezelite player
3. WEB-server so the configuration can be managed via your browser
4. Setup script
5. SSH access (using OpenSSH) - so you can connect via LAN from another computer (via Putty).
6. Option to use a WiFi dongle
7. Option to use a USB-DAC with up to 24 bit 192 khz
8. Option to use HDMI audio out up to 24 bit 192 khz (out of the box)
9. Option to use the 3.5" audio jack (out of the box)
10. Option to use analog I2S-DACs
11. Option to use Digital I2S-DACs

You will need:
1. A raspberry pi board and a SD-card (can be very small as the entire piCorePlayer is only 26 MB- (sorry grown to about 60MB)). So the cost for a working system will minimal about 35$ for the raspberry pi board and a then you will need a SD-card which can be found from 5 $. Even the smallest will be fine. If you want better audio experience you will also need a USB-DAC or an i2s-audio card (but actually I think the audio from the 3.5" analog audio out is better than reported). 

2. A running Logitech Media Server which you can connect to. 

In order to get an idea of which WiFi dongles and USB-DACs are working (or not working) please report your experience in the comments section.