For places to play and local contact people, please visit this website: Places to Play Pickleball  (choose SK for the Saskatchewan locations)

Contact Pickleball Saskatchewan by email:saskatchewanpickleball@gmail.com

Our Mission is to promote the growth of pickleball as a game for all ages in Saskatchewan.

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in Saskatchewan and North America.  Pickleball Saskatchewan, Inc. was incorporated as a Non-Profit organization in November, 2013.  We are affiliated with Pickleball Canada and your membership in Pickleball Saskatchewan includes membership in Pickleball Canada.

Why should you join your local, provincial or national organization?
They are essential to engage local governments in the growth of the sport. They have the ability to help ensure growth in pickleball and facilities.  When a sport expands rapidly, infrastructure soon lags well behind players.  It's important that local, provincial and national governments have access to information regarding growth in order for strategic planning to occur.  That planning allows for and helps provide funding of facilities and sport development.  These organizations are a voice, and advocate to ensure that growth in participation and infrastructure happen in a fair, timely and organized fashion.  

Joining a local club, or starting one, and affiliating with Pickleball Saskatchewan and Pickleball Canada provides that voice, and also provides opportunity for funding tournaments, as well as facility and player development.   

Pickleball Regina and Pickleball Saskatoon were established in 2017. We encourage other communities to establish a local club, and affiliate with Pickleball Saskatchewan and Pickleball Canada to help grow and promote this fun sport for all ages.