They said "If we build it, you will come!"  So, here it is...
 February 20, 2014:  The LMC (Ludlow Maintenance Commission) approved the development of four permanent pickleball courts at the Beach Club. 
(Please help keep the courts looking new by making sure your shoes are non-marking)

Port Ludlow, WA  is a wonderful place to live and play. If you are lucky enough to live here, you are "lucky enough".  The fast growing sport of "Pickleball" is quickly catching on in Port Ludlow and everyone is welcome to come and join the fun.  Check out the calendar to see when and where we play. If you have not seen or heard of "Pickleball",  watch the short video for a great introduction by a national TV network.  All ages play and it is a wonderful way to get some exercise and develop friendships.  Please consider joining us!!

June 9, 2014:  Wow!  What a great grand opening celebration of the new courts.  Over 60 people attended with great fan fare, pomp & circumstance (whatever that means).  Great play, great company and great food was had by all.  Thanks to Hana and Shelly for the great eats and thanks to the many volunteers in make the club work.  This new facility has to be the prettiest on the peninsula!! by far!  

Court #1 will now be commonly known as "Peter's Court" to recognize all the effort Peter put in to make these courts a reality!  Court #2 will forever be known and the "Bob & Bonnie" Court to recognize their early pickleball promotion in Port Ludlow (before it was a sexy thing to do).  They shared their private court with many of us as we learned this new game called Pickleball.

During the summer months, emails will no longer be sent out re play on M-W-F mornings.  You can assume, weather permitting that there will be enough people there to have a good game.

Watch the calendar, but you can also assume that there will be play every M-W-F at 1 pm for those wanting to practice their skills.  This is meant to be less competitive that the morning games, with mentoring and coaching available to anyone wanting to work on improving their game.

The women's group continue to play regularly on T-T mornings.  Check the calendar for more information and contacts.

Notes from the last board meeting are now on this website under the tab "governance".  Thanks to BJ Luce for taking them.

June 2, 2014: Great beginners clinic today with lots of new faces.  Check the calendar for other opportunities to play at entry skill levels.  We will have a session this Wednesday at 1pm to talk about strategies for those who want to better understand the game and what to do to improve their odds of winning.  We will talk about these for probably a half hour and then have open play to get experience under the belt.  There is nothing like experience!!  The more experience you get, the luckier you get!!.  Then, this Friday, again at 1pm we will provide opportunity get more playing experience.  No coaching, no mentoring (unless asked).  Just fun,exercise , and opportunity play and meet other people at similar skill levels.  Hope you can make it. Of course, weather permitting!!  Check the club calendar.

June 7, 2014:  Opening Celebration

May 19, 2014:  Courts are now open for business (I mean fun and exercise)  Big thanks to the LMC, Peter Joseph and others who have had a hand in making this a reality.  Port Ludlow now has a first class Pickleball facility.  Remember to renew or join the association to take advantage of all the playing opportunities available to members.

May 7, 2014: (Announcement regarding court availability)
Due to the contractor starting work this afternoon to repair the bird baths and assorted other repairs, there will be no Pickleball on the Beach Club courts until further notice.  The forecast calls for rain the next three days, and then Sunday they will commence the Riteway crack repair and resurfacing which if the weather holds could be done by Thursday.  The good news is that the Plexipave material that is being used for surfacing does not require weeks of cure time, so it looks like late next week we may be able to reopen for play.  We will let you know as the work progresses.

February 21, 2014: (announcement by Peter Joseph)

I am happy to announce that yesterday the LMC board approved converting the lower tennis court into 4 pickleball courts.  Additionally, they authorized $3000 from the 2015 budget to be advanced to partially offset the $11,023.00  cost.  The courts will be converted in two phases. Phase I will involve the installation of 4 sets of pickleball high quality posts and nets. This will be done sometime in middle March. Phase II will involve repairing cracks, patches and bubbles and then re-surfacing the courts with Plexipave resurfacer, color coating and line paint. If we get lucky with the weather this could be done in April, but in all likelihood, May or June.

An individual has stepped up to backstop the funds so the quest now is to repay these funds.  I have been busy going around raising money. Thus, I am now seeking donations from our members.  So far 4 members have donated $1400.00 for an average of $350.00.  I realize that not everyone can be this generous but if you want to enjoy 4 tournament level courts, it is going to cost money.  The more we collect in donations, the less dues we will pay to be a member of PLPA, which is a requirement to play on the courts during scheduled play time.  LMC members can play anytime they are not being used by PLPA. If necessary we will use 90% of our dues to further pay down the balance to zero. The unexpected $3000.00 from LMC will help us achieve the goal of nominal dues if all of our members help out with a donation.  

The realtors and businesses that I have approached "get it" in terms of what this could mean to the local real estate market.  Keep in mind that this will be the only facility of this type and quality on the Olympic Peninsula.  If promoted correctly it could be a real magnet for those who enjoy the game. I read an article in a Palm Springs newspaper yesterday that stated they had about 1000 people for their 4 day senior games and most of them were pickleball players.  The average age was 55 which is the right demographic for home sales.

In conclusion, we are no longer dealing in hypothetical s or pledges. I talked to the contractor about 2 hours ago and we are proceeding with procurement for Phase I. We need your contributions.  If you can send me at least $100.00 - about the price of a  round of golf and a hamburger - we can keep our dues down which will help us attract more players.

Please make out your check to PLPA and send it to: Peter Joseph, 6 Heron Rd. Port Ludlow, 98365


September 12, 2013:  More progress to report.  The additional windscreens are now up on the Beach Club courts.  Just in time for the fall/winter season.

September 4, 2013:  Yesterday, the Port Ludlow Racquet Club made a very positive gesture and donated $500 toward to the Pickleball Association.  Our thanks and hats off to them.  Here is the email they sent out:

Greetings present & past members of the Port Ludlow Racquet Club:

The officers of the PLRC have voted in favor of making a $500 contribution to the Port Ludlow Pickleball Association.

This is in acknowledgement of current and former PLRC members who have paid dues to our club and who now belong to the newly formed pickleball association, and a gesture of support for increased sport activities in Port Ludlow.  It will help the Pickleball Association with expenses associated with creating better pickleball facilities in our community.  Their first project is re-lining one of the tennis courts at the Beach Club to create four (4) pickleball courts. The LMC has authorized this conversion for an initial six month period, with the expectation that it will be continued given no unanticipated problems.

September 3, 2013: 
We now have four net systems to use as needed.  Also two courts have now been painted.  You may have also noticed a "sandwich board" at the top of the Beach Club Courts.  We have observed that the "pop-pop" attracts people to come over and see what is going on.  The board provides playing information for everyone to see.  We have also added a "Gear Box" near the Beach Club court entrance to hold Pickleball related equipment. 

August 15, 2013:  Yesterday, Beach Club staff were out measuring for additional windscreens.  They should be a great help when the wind blows.  Also, get ready for a "Paint Party".  We are working on getting the appropriate paint to paint the lines.  We have tentatively set (Thursday) August 22nd for a work party after the women finish their session in the afternoon.  Snacks and beverages will be provided. This will be a "paint between the tape" experience for all volunteers. No experience necessary.

August 13, 2013:  Great News for Port Ludlow Pickleball!!

Today, the Ludlow Maintenance Commission Operations Committee agreed to accept our offer to cover half of the cost for additional wind screens at the Pickleball Courts.  Our portion should not exceed one hundred dollars.  They also approved our painting of permanent lines on up to four courts, but entirely at our expense.  We don't have an cost estimate at this time.

The Beach Club manager also mentioned that there will be a firm here in early September to quote the resurfacing of the two Kehele Park tennis courts.  They will also include a bid for four pickleball courts at the Beach Club.  This is a very positive step and it should provide a good estimate of the anticipated work.

Some of you have already contributed $40 for a "start up kitty" that helped to purchase the new portable net systems that we have in place.  We have enough left to purchase the wind screen material and another fourth portable net system.  If you have not yet made your contribution and would like to do so, you can send it to Terry O'Brien or our treasurer Monica Brown.  Her address is: 210 Montgomery Ln, Port Ludlow, WA  98365.  Make checks payable to the "Port Ludlow Pickleball Association".  You can also drop them off during open play on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.

Hopefully, these new contributions will cover the painting and other ancillary costs needed at this time.

August 9, 2013:  Although we were told that the SBCA facilities committee would not be taking up Pickleball when they met yesterday, they did in fact put it on the agenda.  Not being there to hear firsthand the discussion, this is a brief summation.  Apparently, it is now the belief of the larger SBCA Board that the facilities committee does not have jurisdiction over this issue and the larger board will make a decision based upon a yet to be determined process.  In other words, the time was spent discussing the process for remediation and not the actual issue itself.  When we know more, we will post more. Stay tuned.

 August 2, 2013:  Many of you attended the SBCA board meeting to hear the conversation about the noise complaint regarding Pickleball play at the South Bay Tennis Courts.  The short update about this event is that there was considerable discussion among the board members but no action was taken.  They will continue to review this issue and do their due diligence before making any decision.  This means that we (Pickleball Players) will need to continue monitoring this situation and provide input to the process at the appropriate time.  Stay tuned and we will keep everyone abreast of this via our strong grapevine, this website, and email updates to our master list of Pickleball enthusiasts.

July 31, 2013:   Mark Saturday, September 7th on your calendars.  We will be hosting a "Pickleball Demonstration Clinic for beginners and interested members of our community.  It will take place on the lower tennis court adjacent to the Beach Club.  At 11:00 am, we will feature a game between some of our women members and the local firefighters.  Due to the gap in age, the firefighters will be wearing their full fire fighting gear.  Please plan on joining us as we celebrate life and great pickleball!

July 31, 2013:  As many of you are aware, there has been a noise complaint by one person who lives adjacent to the South Bay Tennis Courts.  The SBCA facilities committee recently agreed to take a recommendation to the full SBCA board that Pickleball no longer be allowed at the South Bay Courts.  The full board is meeting this Friday at 9:30am and everyone is encouraged to come and share your point of view on this topic.  The implications of adopting this recommendation are very serious and would also impact on the ability to play at the Beach Club.  As long as there is reciprocity (play at both clubs) everyone plays at either facility (just like tennis).  However, if one cannot play pickleball at one, it may not be okay to play at the other.  Please plan on attending if you can.

July 30, 2013:  I think someone is putting something in the water.  Today we had 13 people at the beginners Pickleball session at the Bay Club courts.  Wow!  Great to see so many new people come out and enjoy the game.  Check out the picture at the top of the home page.  All new players!!

July 25, 2013:  Today, we officially organized our group and have a Board of Directors.  Terry O'Brien is "Group Leader".  Dave Bobanick will be our Secretary and Monica Brown is our new Treasurer.  Dave Pike will be a director and be our liaison with the larger Racquet Club and Steve Shanklin agreed to be a director and provide liaison for complaint mitigation.  Thanks to many donations, we now have $424 in the bank after paying for three portable net systems that are in place at our Beach Club venue.

July 2, 2013:  Today was another milestone for Port Ludlow Pickleball.  Three pickleball courts were taped for use at the Beach Club Tennis facility.  Three portable net systems have been procured and are now in place.  These nets were funded by a grant from the USA Pickleball Association and from contributions from individual players. 

We will be using these courts for most Pickleball events.  However, we will continue to use the South Bay courts so be sure to check the calendar or call if you are not sure about location.

July 18, 2013:  This week saw a milestone for Port Ludlow Pickleball: First, on Tuesday, the Open Group found themselves with three courts going and people waiting to play.  Then, on Thursday afternoon, an all women group stormed the courts and did the same thing.  Wow!!, who would have thought this could or would happen right here in our backyard.  YEA PICKLEBALL!!!!!!!

July 10, 2013:  This will be the first Wednesday set aside for Open Pickleball.  It will be at 6 pm at the Beach Club courts.  While open to everyone, the focus is to provide a friendly place for beginners to experience the game in a more relaxed atmosphere.  As such, more experience players are asked to respect this focus.  Check the club calendar to verify date and time for this new event.  It has been exciting to see so many new faces wanting to learn the game.  No need to reply.  Just show up with your drinks of choice (hydration) and (optional) a folding chair (for when you are not playing). The evening s can be cool down by the water, so be sure to dress accordingly.

See you on the courts!!


PS:  Check out the new portable net systems and Beach Club location in the Picture at the top of the page.

Friday, July 13th:  Bremerton's West Sound Senior Games Pickleball Tournament begins with a good representation from Port Ludlow Players.  Kathleen Thompkins and Carole Porter will be competing in the Doubles Women division scheduled at 1 pm.  Dave Pike and Steve Shanklin are playing in the Men's Doubles Division and their play begins at 11:30 am.  Also, Sheila Lee will be playing in the Mixed Doubles division beginning at 10 am.  We will post the results when they become available.  Good luck to all!!